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What is an inflammation of the gingiva that involves the crest of the alveolar bone and the periodontal ligament above the alveolar crest?
What is an inflammation of the pulp caused by injury to the pulp, usually from dental caries or trauma?
Acute Pulpitis
What is an infection of the pulpal tissue causing the pulp to become necrotic (die)?
Periapical Abscess
What is an inflammation of the gingival tissue?
What is a relatively mild inflammation of the borders of the gingival tissue?
Marginal gingivitis
What is a severe infection of the gingival tissue, commonly referred as trenchmouth?
Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis
What is the inflammation of the gingiva around a partially erupted tooth?
What is a general term used to denote inflammation of the oral mucosa
What is a condtion reffered to as dry socket. It normally results when a blood clot fails to form or washes out?
Postextraction Alveolar Osteitis