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What is a vital tooth?
Tooth has a living pulp.
What is a nonvital tooth?
the pulp tissue is necrotic or missing.It gives no response to chemical change or eletric stimulus
What is the difference between extrinsic and intrinsic stain?
Extrinsic occurs on the outside of tooth. And Intrinsic occurs within tooth
List three examples of pre-eruptive intrinsic stains.
tetracyclin stain
inherited conditions(amelogenesis imperfecta and dentinogenesis imperfecta)
List three examples of post-eruptive intrinsic stains.
amalgam restorations
endodontic treatment
List three examples of extrinsic stain.
Name the three types of bleaching agents discussed in the chapter and the percentage in each
Hydrogen peroxide 5%-35%
Carbimide peroxide 10%-20%
sodium perborate
List the bleaching agents from the strongest oxidizing agent to the weakest oxidizing agent.
Hydrogen peroxide
Cabimide peroxide
sodium perborate
Describe walking bleach
Alternative treatment. paste containing 35% hydorgen peroxide temporarily sealed pulp in chamber. Patient returns in 7 days for evaluation. If desired whitness is obtained than paste is removed from pulp chamber and tooth is restored w/ permanent tooth colored filled material
Describe nonvital bleaching
Root canals are filled, bleaching agent placed in unfilled pulp, a cotton ball saturated w/35% hydrogen peroxide is inserted into pulp chamber and heated with an instrument to release oxygen . when desired whitening is achieved the pulp chamber and access opening are filled with a permanent material-gloss ionomer or composite
Which bleaching agents are used for the professionally applied in office technique of bleaching?
Hydrgen peroxide 30-35% and laser bleaching
Which three whitening products are used for the patient applied, at home but professionally supervised technique of whitening
Hydrogen peroxide gels 2-10%
professional crest whitening strips 6 1/2%
carbamide peroxide gel 10-22%
Identify three over the counter whitening products that are applied and unsupervised
crest white strips 5.3%
colgate simply white
whitening dentifirces
List the most common side effects of whitening and discuss the prevention or treatment of each
gingival irritation (trim tray) and tooth sensitvity -transient-usually lasting no more than a few days after treatment is discontinued
Neutral sodium flouride or potassium nitrate used to desenitize teeth