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Juliette Southard
Started the American Dental Assistant Association
Baltimore College of Dentistry
First dental school started in the United States by Hayden and Harris
Amalgam War
Battle over the introduction of amalgam (silver filling) introduced by people who had bad reputation and were not taken seriously, not used for 20 years.
GV Black
Scientist known as the Grand Old Daddy of dentistry, inventor of much equipment, improved amalgam
Sir John Tomes
Studied the histological structures of teeth
C Edmond Kells
Hired the first dental assistant, first to use radiation, suicide after he had his hand removed
Dental Engine
Invented in 1860, did specific cavity preps
Cohesive Gold
1855 by Robert Arthur
Cast Gold
Robert Taggart, came up with gold inlays
Roentgen, accidentally discovered the x-ray
Nitrous Oxide introduced by Wells, Ether used by Morton
Rubber Dam
Invented by Sanford Barn, isolated materials from moisture.
Mayan Skull
Would decorate teeth with inlays made of jade and torquoise
File teeth
Early mexicans would file teeth to a point
Do extractions
Navajo women would make a bread from corn, rocks used to grind corn would end up in food and grind away teeth.
Ticuana Tribe
Filed teeth for beauty
Yanomami Tribe
Place bamboo sticks on thier faces
Law 200
Tooth for a tooth
French Art
Took ivory teeth and carved the evils of the tooth ache
First Dental Chair
Designed by Josiah Flag
Fixed Bridge
Hebrews first invented the fixed bridge, made from cadaver and animal teeth
Hebrew Illustrations
Compared body to house, mouth was like windows
St. Apollonia
Saint of Dentistry
Arabian toothbrush, chinese designed frist modern toothbrush
Temple of the tooth
Temple for Buddha's Tooth
Black teeth
Japanese woman would dye their teeth black for fidelity
Early Dentist
Monks, Barbers, and physicians
George Washington's Scar
Tooth got infected and swollen, hole was made in his face to drain puss
Chamomile Flowers
Tea for stomache and bowel problems, paste used for tooth/ear aches
Oil used for joings, brewed for stomach aches, calming
Oil used for toothaches, stuck in dry-socket
Corn Silk
Tea for inflammation, urinary problems
Water used as gas relief, intestinal issues, charm against witchcraft
Antiseptic, skin infections, bad breath
Tea for severe coughs
Used for toothaches, headaches, lepracy, mosquito repelent, gas
Rose PEtals
Cure diarrhea, mouth infections
Mexican community, nausea, colds