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What is the pulp chamber?
enlarged portion of the pulp cavity found in the anatomical crown
What are the pulp horns?
Pointed incisal or occlusal elongatins of the pulp chamber which correspond to the cusps or lobes
What is the bony entity that surrounds and supports all the teeth in the jaw?
Alveolar process
What is the bony socket where the tooth is set?
What is the fibrous attachment of the tooth cementum to the alveolar bone?
Peridontal ligament
What is gingiva?
"gums" fibrous tissue enclosed by mucous membrane that covers the alveolar processes and surrounds the necks of teeth
Where are the anterior teeth and which teeth fit in this category?
teeth in the front of the mouth which include incisors and canines
Where are posterior teeth and which teeth fit in this category?
Teeth in the back of the mouth which includes premolars and molars
The teeth in the upper arch is known as _______?
The teeth in the lower arch is known as ________?
Which of the two jaws is moveable?
When the mandibular teeth contact the maxillary teeth it is called
The term for biting and chewing
Name the following structure indicated by the arrow.
Small round projections of enamel which are found in varying sizes and numbers on the incisal ridge of recently erupted teeth.
What is a line angle?
the line or angle formed by the junction of 2 crown surfaces
How are line angles named?
By combining the names of the 2 adjacent surfaces.
How many line angles does an anterior tooth have? Can you name them all?
All anterior teeth have 8 line angles:
How many line angles does a posterior tooth have? Can you name them all?
All posterior teeth have 8 line angles:
Label each arrow
Incisal Occlusal
Mesial Distal
Gingival (Cervical)
Anterior Teeth have how many Surfaces and edges?
What are their names?
4 Surfaces 1 edge
Mesial Distal Labial & Lingual (Palatal)
Incisal Edge
How many surfaces are there on posterior teeth and what are there names?
5 surfaces
Mesial, Distal, Lingual, Buccal & Occlusal
The root tip or termination is called what?
The surface between two teeth is called the ...
Proximal Surface
What is the name for the proximal surface closest to the midline? Furthest from the midline?

The normal eruption age (in months) for mandibular deciduous dentition?
central incisor- 6 months
lateral incisor- 7
canine- 16
first molar- 12
second molar- 20
The normal eruption age (in months) for maxillary deciduous dentition?
central incisor- 7.5 months
lateral incisor- 9
canine- 19
first molar- 14
second molar- 24
General eruption pattern/sequence for deciduous dentition?
1 mand central incisor
2 mand lateral incisor
3 max central incisor
4 max lateral incisor
5 mand first molar
6 max first molar
7 mand canine
8 max canine
9 mand second molar
10 max second molar
General eruption pattern/sequence for permanent dentition?
1 mand first molar
2 max first molar
3 mand central incisor
4 mand lateral incisor
5 max central incisor
6 max lateral incisor
7 mand canine
8 mand first premolar
9 max first premolar
10 mand second premolar
11 max second premolar
12 max canine
13 mand second molar
14 max second molar
15 mand third molar
16 max third molar
What is the most common system used for designating deciduous dentition?
Capital letters A-T
In deciduous dentition, what are the letters used for the central incisors?
In deciduous dentition, what are the letters used for the lateral incisors?
In deciduous dentition, what are the letters used for the canines?
In deciduous dentition, what are the letters used for the first molars?
In deciduous dentition, what are the letters used for the second molars?
What is the line around the tooth where enamel and cementum meet?
cervical line, aka CEJ
What is the imaginary line which marks the level of termination of the nonattached soft tissue surrounding the tooth?
gingival line
the actual attachment of the soft tissue of the mouth to the tooth
epithelial attachment
The epithelial attachment may be variable in its location, but has a tendency to migrate ________?
How many teeth are present in a complete quadrant of the permanent dentition?
Name the four different types of teeth in the permanent dentition and how many of each are present in the entire mouth.
Incisors (8), Canines (4), Premolars (8), Molars (12)
Which teeth's function are cutting, tearing, piercing, and holding during mastication?
Which teeth's function are grinding during mastication?
Which teeth's function are biting, cutting, incising, and shearing?
Which teeth's function are tearing, holding, and grinding during mastication?
What are alternate names for the canine and premolar?
Cuspid and Bicuspids, respectively.
What type of tooth in the permanent dentition is not present in deciduous dentition?
Name the type and number of teeth in the complete deciduous dentition?
Incisors (8), Canines (4), and Molars (8)
What is the name of the period in which both deciduous and permanent teeth are present?
Mixed dentition period
What is the hard, mineralized tissue covering the dentin of the anatomical crown of the tooth?
What is the hard tissue that forms the main body of the tooth?
What is the hard, bonelike tissue covering the dentin of the anatomical root of the tooth?
What is the portion of the tooth covered by enamel?
Anatomical Crown
What is the portion of the tooth covered with cementum?
Anatomical Root
What is the living soft tissue which occupies the pulp cavity of the tooth and contains the tooth's nutrient supply?
What is the entire internal cavity of a tooth that contains the pulp?
Pulp Cavity
What portion of the pulp cavity is located in the root of the tooth and may also be called the root canal?
Pulp Canal
Name the identifiable line around the external surface of the tooth where the enamel and cementum meet.
Cervical Line/ Cemento-enamail junction/ CEJ
Name the internal line of meeting of the dentin and enamel in the anatomical crown of a tooth.
Dentino-enamel junction/ DEJ