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What does the term "aircraft handling" mean?
A generalized term to describe any movement of A/C or associated equipment.
What is the purpose of standard A/C taxi signals?
A method of signals used by all branches of the military so as to prevent any misunderstanding between groundcrew of one branch and the aircrew of another.
What are the vehicle speed limits on the flightline and around the A/C?
Within A/C................5mph
Along runways, ramps and work areas....................10mph
What is the maximum towing speed of an A/C?
As fast as the slowest walker.
What are the four categories of tie down requirements?
1) Initial
2) Intermediate
3) Permanent
4) Heavy Weather
What is the purpose of the Emergency Shore Based Recovery Equipment/
It is designed to arrest the A/C safely and without harm to the crew or further damage the A/C. Used in situations such as blown tires or an incapacitated crew.
What is the purpose of the MA-1A overrun barrier?
It is an arresting system made up of a cable system and a net barrier. It's designed for use on non tailhook equipped A/C but the A/C must have a nosewheel to work.
What situation would warrent the use of the MA-1A Overrun Barrier?
An aborted take-off or an emergency overrun landing.
What are 3 other designations of overrun equipment that the Navy uses?
E-5, E-28, and M-21.
During routine maintenance, what is the minimum amount of PPE that is required on the flight line?
It depends upon the assessed hazard that is present.
What is the minimum amount of PPE that is required on the flight line during flight operations?
Cranial, goggles, sound attenuators, flight deck boots, flotation gear, survival light, whistle, jersey of appropriate color depending upon the position of the individual.
What color jersey do Plane Captain wear?
What is the safety hazard of the intakes?
Extreme suction.
What is the safety hazard of the exhaust?
Intense heat
High velocity (will blow you off of the flight deck)
What is the safety hazard of propellers?
What is the safety hazard of rotor blades?
What is the safety hazard of hot brakes?
How are runways numbered?
In relation to their magnetic heading rounded off to the nearest 10 degrees. (250 degrees will be marked as runway 25.
If there are 3 runways whose centerline is parallel how will they be identified?
Left (L) Center (C) and Right (R)
If a runway is 200 feet wide how will the threshhold markings appear?
10 stripes (each 12 feet wide by 150 feet long)
If a runway is less than 200 feet wide how will the threshhold markings appear?
The markings will cover the width of the runway minus 20 feet on each side.
What is the purpose of the threshhold markings?
They designate the landing area.
What publication contains the procedures for the operation of operation of airpoirt lighting?
FAA Handbook 7110.65
At an airport who is normally in control of the lights?
The tower.
When an air field is closed what are the only lights left on?
1) Navigable airspace obstruction lights.
2) Rotating beacons used as a visual orientation aid in a metropolotian area.
What is the purpose of runway/taxi lights?
To provide visual guidance at night and under low visibility conditions during A/C takeoff/landing operations.
What color are taxi lights?
When you find 2 blue lights spaced 5 feet apart and placed on each side of a taxiway entrance/exit from a runway or a parking area what are they known as?
Entrance-Exit Lights
When are taxi lights turned on?
As soon as the pilot of an A/C is given clearance to taxi out.
When are the taxi lights turned off?
When the aircraft is on the runway or another taxiway.
When an A/C is inbound when are the taxi lights turned on/off?
As the A/C approaches the taxiway and turned off when the A/C is parked.
What is the purpose of the Arm/Dearm Area?
Designated area where ordinance is changed from armed to disarmed and vice versa.
Until the ordinance is completely safe what area around the A/C should be kept clear?
Fore and Aft
All evolutions concerning ordinance should be performed using what?
The Individual Stores loading Manual/Checklist
What is the purpose of the Overrun Area?
Provides a reasonably effective decelleration area for abortin or overshooting A/C.
What other purpose can the Overrun Area serve?
Emergency all weather access for firefighting, crash and rescue equipment.
What is a good indication of a Overrun Area?
Usually paved and some have yellow chevrons across them.
What do yellow chevrons on a runway indicate?
That the area is a non-touchdown area for the A/C.
What is the purpose of the Wind Indicator?
Meant to provide prompt issuance of wind directions and velocities to pilots.
What is the purpose of the Airfield (airport) Rotating Beacon?
Use in VFR weather conditions it identifies the airfields position. Used day and night.
When viewed from above what direction is the Airfield Rotating Beacon rotating?
What is the flash rate of the Airfield Rotating Beacon?
12-15 Flashes per Minute. (Rotates at a constant speed)
What does the Tower Visual Communication device consist of?
A sequence of lights and switches that supplement other circuits on the interphone system.
What is the purpose of the Tower Visual Communication device?
Meant to reduce the amount of voice contacts between the tower and the radar controller.
The Crash, Salvage and Rescue Team falls under what shipboard orginazation?
Damage Control
Where is the Crash, Salvage and Rescue Team deployed from onboard ship?
From the island structure.
What is another name for the Crash, Salvage and Rescue Team?
Flight deck Repair Team
What is the purpose of the Crash, Salvage and Rescue Team?
Rescue personnel from damaged A/C on the flight deck, clear away wreckage, fight fires on and make minor repairs to the flight deck and associated equipment.
What is a Compass Calibration Pad?
A paved area in a magnetically quiet area the A/C compass can be calibrated.
Each airport must have at least how many Compass Calibration Pads?
What is the expansion rate of LOX?
860 to 1.
How cold is LOX?
-297 degrees F
What color is LOX?
Light blue
In what condition must the LOX exchange area be kept in at all times?
Completely free of flammable or combustible materials such as wood, paper, cloth, oil or kerosene.
What is the LOX exchange area?
A designated area which is used for the servicing of A/C that require LOX servicing.