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Government by the people; either directly or indirectly through their representatives.

*All Citizens have equal rank
*No Titles of Nobility
What does Democracy presuppose?
That people are fit to govern themselves.
What kinds of democracy are there?
What poet wrote about democracy?
Walt Whitman
Democracy is a new idea.
What were the views of Plato, Confucius, Augustine, and the Islamic faith concerning government?
Plato-Kings, Rule by elite
Confucius-Governming by example of excellence.
Augustine- Strong government necessary to restrain human sin.
Islam-Submission to god's will.
Forms of Government before the 18th Century:
Aristocracy & Kinship
Family based
Forms of Government before the 18th Century:
Religous leaders=political leaders.
Forms of Government before the 18th Century:
Unitary Executive
Rule by "helmsman" (Thomas Aquinas)
"Divine Right of Kings"
Who described monarchy as rule by "helmsman"?
Thomas Aquinas
What years encompassed "The Age of Empire" and what did it regard?
"regareded by Western diplomats as deserving the title of 'Emperors' was at its maximum" -Eric Hobsbawm, The Age of Empire (1989)
What were the limits of Pericles' Athenian democracy?
Citizenship-"barbarians" are out!
Gender-Women are not citizens
Slavery- 125,000 in Attica at time of Peloponnesian war "only serious blot" -H.D.F. Kitto, The Greeks (1951)
How do monarchys divide power?
Monarch and subject

*Women can rule
How does a democracy divide power?
Citizen and non-citizen
(Men by definition are citizens)
What forces favor democracy?
-Emergence of cities, craft guides, prosperity (bourgeoisie)
-Protestant reformation- individual relationship with god/ individual relationship with state.
-Enlightenment Anthropology (Locke's "tubula rasa," shifting ideas of human nature
According to Thomas Jefferson, What assisted in the spread of democracy?
What was representitive of the expansion of democracy?
-declining property qualifications for male
(Major theme of Jacksonian Age (1830s-1840s)
Democracy expanded at the expense of what groups?
Blacks and Native Americans
What are characteristics of Political democracy?
-Participation in an electoral system
-Political parties
-Interests & Interest Groups
What ammendment gave women the vote?
19th Ammendment
What year was the Voting rights act?
What and whose metaphore was Jane Addams influenced by?
Abraham Lincoln's metaphore of a "House-Divided"
Where did Jane Addams attend college?
Rockford Female Seminary in Illinois.
What defined Jane Addams political career?
Labor Legislation
Pullman strike of 1894
What year did Jane Addams win the nobel peace prize?
What year was Hull house opened?
What were some characteristics of Hull house?
-"Community of female reformers"
-regarding the city as organic
-A broker between classes, ethnicities, relgious cultures
-Politics before the vote
-An example to the city "socializing" democracy
What happened in the years W.E.B. Dubois was born and died?
1868-14th ammendment ratified
1963-JFK was assasinated
What was Dubois' Harvard thesis on and in what year?
1896- "The Suppression of the African Slave Trade to the United States of America, 1638-1870."
What year was the Philadelphia Negro Published?
What year was The Souls of Black Folk published?
What year did he write on Black Reconstruction in America (1860-1880)?
Random Shit
The Crisis
1913 The Star of Ethiopian Pageant in New York
What did Dubois support in the 1920's.
Anti-Lynching Campaigns
Where does he die and when?
Accra, Ghana 1963
In what year was the play set?
What years was WWI
who says: "Of emotional paralysis...the lost children, the psychological devastation of WWI, and the deep-running vein of desperation within these forgotten women"
Matthew Barber
How many died in WWI
11 Million
Who said, "The suffering was beyond imagination?"
E.H. Gombrich, A Little History of the World
Who painted the painting "We are making a New World?"
Paul Nash
What was London like in 1922?
Dreary, empty
Act 1: Looks gloomy and shrouded
How are the young represented?
Falsely bright and flippant
Which Character says: "to change what we have into what we wished for... because for every after found, a before must be lost... to discover before gone, w/o an after having taken its place."
What is the Italian city were enchantment takes place?
San Salvatore
Where was the story of the walking stick first found?
Tale of Celtic St. Patrick
Fell asleep under frosty thorn tree-wakes to find it in protective bloom over him.
In what story does the pope deny knight clemency "Staff would sooner burst into flower than he would forgive the pilgrim for his carnal pleasures." Staff blooms (Majesty of Divine grace)
Wagners Tannhauser
What are the plants called?
Crozier Ferns (Dicksonia Antarctica)
What is the tree in the play?
acacia tree
Who developes the "Green World Theory?"
N. Frye
What does the "Green World Theory describe"
drama's simple pattern
melancholy of fall
seeming death of winter
glorious rebirth of spring

Journey in all plays
What is the Argument of Comedy in what year?
Struggle and rebirth of divine hero
sunk into marriage
freeing of a slave
triumph of young man over older

How does theater relate to Locke?
Enjoy benefits of community
Theater production=community event
Who was teh novelist in what year was the original novel published?
Elizabeth Von Arnim 1922
Who was the playwrite and what year was the play written?
Matthew Barber 2000
Who directed the play performed by the Hendrix Players?
Jana Tift