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three prominent alumni members and job titles
-Gregory W. Jones-CEO and president of Statefarm General Insurance Company
-Patrick G. Blanchard-President and CEO of Georgira-Carolina Bancshares, INc.
-Gilman G. Lovie-President and CEO of In-Q-Tel, Inc.
union triad
kappa alpha-1825
sigma phi-1827
delta phi-1827
founder's day
november 7
chapter advisor
dr. lawrence gramling
next Grand Chapter Congress meeting
Hyatt Regency, New Orleans-August 22-26,2007
wrote Rose of DSP
Paul H. Coughlin-Mu chapter
faculty brothers
paulo goes
robin coulter
ray kehrhahn
ray palmer
john phillips
jeffrey rummel
joseph golec
lawrence gramling
samuel schrager
province and region
northeastern province, new england region
regions in province
eastern central
steel valley
new england
active collegiate chapters in region
theta iota
lambda tau
nu sigma
xi phi
xi psi
active alumni chapters in region
colonies in region
upsilon mu alpha
gamma omega theta
distric director appointed by and who is
appointed by Regional Vice President
Paul Carpinella
first woman initiated
maureen mahoney
initiates in our chapter
first collegiate fraternity
phi beta kappa
December 5, 1776
College of William and Mary
Williamsburg, VA
Board of Directors
grand president
past grand president
vice president-OD
vice president-finance
provincial vice presidents(5)
national collegians of the year
executive director
volunteer leadership positions
grand president
past grand president
vice president-OD
vice president-finance
provincial vice presidents(5)
national collegians of the year
VP chapter advisor
distric advisor
national and provincial committee members
founding of delta sigma pi
novemeber 7, 1907
new york university school of commerce accounts and finance
theta iota #1
paul w. speltz
four types of college fraternities
honors society
recognition society
five interfraternity organizations
north american fraternal conference

professional fraternity association

national panhellenic conference

national pan-hellenic council

association of college honor societies
alexander frank makay
alfred moysello
harold valentine jacobs
henry albert teinken
established central office and served as director
h.g. wright
central office original location
222 West Adams St.
Chicago, IL
central office
international fraternity of Delta Sigma Pi Central Office
330 south campus ave
po box 230
oxford ohio, 45056-0230
513 523 1907
513 523 7292
theta iota founded
march 8, 1970
old gold, royal purple
official flower
red rose
rival fraternity
alpha kappa psi
rival chapter
nu sigma, Roger Williams University
Bristol, RI
grand president
past grand president
vice president of finance
national collegians of the year
mitchell B. SImmons
Kathleen M. Jahnke
Joelle Berlat
David Glanzrock
Jason Campbell
big brother
Justine Kinoian 1092
dsp scholarship key
graduating senior in commerce, business administration, economics who ranks highest in each class
LEAD program
leadershpi and excellence academies for DeltaSigs
chapters established
currently exist
alumni chapters
provincial VP
Regional VP
District Director
provincial VP: onuka ibe
Regional VP: paul carpinella
District Director: Luis Sores
gold skull and crossbones on wreath of leaves
greek letters of DSP on skull and crosbones
eyes are amethysts
red crown on top of skull
badge enclosed by a crescent with 19 jewels (pearls, rubies, diamonds)
coat of arms
shield with the badge;
cornucopia and ship of commerce
border with four stars
crowned helmet wtih open visor
below is a scroll containing several greek words
Publications of DSP
Delta Sigma Pi web site
the DELTASIG of Delta Sigma Pi
Manual for Pledge Education
Manual for Chapter Operations
national magazine of DSP
the DeltaSig of Delta Sigma Pi
Distributed 3 times a year
main program areas DSP leadership foundation support
LEAD Sschools
LEAD provincial conferences
Grand Chatper COnference