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all isomerases have
a cis-enediol intermediate
all dehydrogenase indicate
NAD+ or NADP is involved
Aldolase requires _______ residue
Lysine ~~~> Schiff Base
Phosphoglycerate mutase requires
- gets phosphorylated
Cofactors are needed by
enzymes for proper function
What are the cofactors are in glycolysis?
Mg 2+

Pyruvate ~~~~~> Ethanol

pyruvate decarboxylase

Cofactor: TTP
Gluconeogenesis is?

regenerate/reverse from pyruvate to glucose

- Cofactor: Biotin
Biotin does what?
it's a cofactor for glucogenesis

Biotin takes carbons and swing them down to make closer to chemical structure
What is of Galactosemia?
Defects of any of the three enzymes in the galacose pathway results in galactosemia in human
3 Effects of Galactosemia?
- Galactose kinase defect
- UTD defect
- epimerase deficiency
What is the effect of Galactose kinase defect & treatment
- HIgh gal. concentrations in blood and urine

- Cataracts are developed because the galactose in converted to galacitol which is deposited in the lens

- treatment Limit galactose in diet
What is the effect of UTD defect
- more seroius then Gala. kinase defect.

- poor growth in children, speech abnormality, mental deficiency, and liver damage.

-removing gal in diet may not help
What is the effect of epimerase deficiency
- similar to UTD but less severe