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Define Motor Learning
CHANGE in capability of individual to perform a SKILL that must be inferred from a relatively permanent IMPROVEMENT in performance as a result of PRACTICE OR EXPERIENCE.
What is the study of Motor Learning
study of how movements are LEARNED, how movements are PRODUCED differently as a result of PRACTICE OR EXPERIENCE.
Motor learning is the.......combined with .......and.....
gentetic determinants, practice, experience
Define Motor Control
study of how movements are controlled, how the CNS is organized so that various individaul MUSCLES AND JOINTS can be coordinated
What is the area of study wiht Motor Control
dealing with the understanding of NEURAL, PHYSICAL, AND BEHAVIORAL aspects of movement
Define Motor Behavior
area of study stressing prmarioly the principles of human skilled movement generated at a BEHAVIORAL LEVEL OF ANALYSIS (FRANKLIN HENRY)
Define Movement
changes in joint angles, the position of the entire body, or both;in the resent context limited to those in humans and animals
Define Ability...hing Capability
general trait or capacity of an individual that is related to the performance of a variety of motor skills by being a component of those skils' structure
Define Skill
the ability to bring about some end result with maximum certqainty and minimum outlay of energy, or of time and energy
What are the four components of skill
environmental goal(goalie stop ball end result), maximizing achievement(replicate consistancy), minimize physical mental energy costs of performance (efficient, kid learnin dribble), minimize time(become faster)