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K Scale
MMPI validity scale - measures tendency towards defensive responding or presenting oneself in an overly favorable light
the phonological form of the Japanese alphabet
the Japanese pictographic writing form
statistics - measure of reliability reflecting agreement among raters
chromosomal characteristics of an individual - complete set of all chromosomes arranged and displayed in pairs ordered by size
Katz Adjustment Scale-Relatives Form (KAS-R)
nonempirical scale devised to assess adjustment of psychiatric patients in the community.
Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children (K-ABC)
Test of intelligence for children (3-18)- recently revised to KABC-II. Features a dual theoretical model - Luria less verbal approach or Cattell Horn Carroll more crystalized approach
Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test (K-BIT)
brief iq test for individuals 4-90. estimate of intelligence based on vocabulary and matrices.
Kayser-Fleischer Ring
Abnormal sign - green pigmented copper ring at margin of cornea - generally associated with Wilson's Disease
Kendrick Cognitive Tests for the Elderly
designed to assist in differential between depression and dementia focusing on memory and speed of response.
Key Math Diagnostic Arithmetic Test
set of tests that break down math skills into basic concept, operations and applications.
experimental animal model for epilepsy and seizure expression induced by repeated electrical stimulation or repeated administration of neurotoxic chemicals
perception of movement generated by receptors in muscles, tendons and joints
Klinefelter's Syndrome
chromosomal anomaly - males with extra x - 47 XXY sydnrome. associated with mild MR, psychosis, small genitalia.
Kluver Bucy syndrome
behavioral disturbance observed following bilateral amygdaloid and anterior temporal lobe ablation in monkeys - led to mouthing, loss of normal fear, hypersexuality, visual agnosia. May be seen in herpes encephalitis, picks disease
Knee Jerk or Patellar Reflex
deep tendon reflex that is hyperactive in upper motor neuron disease, and hypoactive in lower motor neuron disease
Knox Cube Imitation Test
nonverbal measure of attention span. examiner taps out sequences of increasing length on blocks for patient to imitate (as on WMS). Similar to Corsi Block Tapping Test
Kohs Block Design Test
forerunner to Wechsler BD test - but adds recording of individual moves needed to complete design.
Korsakoff's disease
can accompany chronic alcoholism or other conditions that impact normal nutririon intake and result in vitamin B1 (thaimine) deficiency. Prominent anterograde memory deficits, disturbance of orientation, hallucination, confabulation. Involves midline diencephalic structures
measure describing the degree to which a distribution of scores is clustered around the mean. Leptokurtic more peaked/ Platykurtic flatter distribution
rapidly progressive, fatal nervous system disease characterized by prominent ataxia and dementia. A prion disease found only among the Fore people of New Guinea transmitted through cannibalism. discouragement of cannibalism led to a decline in the disease, which has now mostly disappeared.