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covering up a real or perceived weakness by emphasizing another trait

Handicapped boy can't play sports but becomes scholar

Short man is aggressive and daring

Woman who wants to be opera singer but doesn't have the voice gets advanced degrees and runs an opera company
refusal to acknowledge the existence of a real situation or associated feelings

Woman with lump in breast skips appt. and goes about daily life without concern

Smokers continue to smoke even though they know the risk

Patient told the biopsy is cancerous says that there must be a mistake
transferring feelings from one target to another that is less threatening or neutral

Man skipped for promotion says nothing to boss but belittles son later

Boy who is bullied comes home and kicks dog
attempt to increase self-worth by acquiring attributes and characteristics of someone admired

Teenager copies rock star

Son of famous father adopts attitudes and behaviors with intent of pursuing similar aspirations
avoid actual emotion by using logic, reasoning, and analysis

Man whose brother had an MI spends visiting time analyzing labs, etc.

Psychologist shows no emotion when fiancée breaks off engagement. Instead analyzes reasons the relationship failed.
internalization of beliefs and values of another individual to the point where distinctness is lost

Small child develops conscience by internalizing parents beliefs. Parents literally become part of child.

Man claims to be Son of God, drapes self in blankets, performs "miracles," refuses to respond unless addressed as Jesus Christ
Isolation or
Emotional Isolation
separation of thought or memory from the feeling tone or emotions associated with it

Woman raped, but displaying no emotion

Doctor separates feeling about a patient's impending death by focusing attention on chemotherapy
attributing feelings or impulses unacceptable to one's self to another person. The person "passes the blame" to another person

Soldier who fears combat tells his sergeant that others in the unit are cowards

Person who values punctuality blames being late on another person
attempt to make excuses or formulate logical reasons to justify feelings or behaviors

Woman is passed up for a job because of a poor typing test. She says that she could have done better with a word processor.

Man unable to afford sports car tells salesman that he'd buy the car but he's getting married and it's not a family man car.
Reaction Formation
prevention of thoughts or behaviors from being expressed by exaggerating opposite thoughts or beliefs

Woman in love with boss and hates his wife is cool to boss and super friendly to wife

Soldier with extreme fear of combat volunteers for front line duty.
retreating to an earlier level of development and the comfort measures associated with it

Older brother wets bed and sucks thumb when infant brought home

Depressed person withdraws to room, curls up in fetal position, and sleeps for long periods of time
involuntary blocking of unpleasant feelings and experiences from one's own awareness

Woman cannot remember being assaulted

Teenager can't remember driving car that was involved in accident that killed his best friend
rechanneling unacceptable impulses into more constructive activities

Aggressive teenager becomes star football player

Young unmarried woman with desire for family establishes a daycare center
blocking of unpleasant feelings and experiences from one's awareness

Scarlett O'Hara, "I don't want to think about that right now, I'll think about that tomorrow."

Woman with pending divorce says, "I don't want to talk about it, there's nothing I can do about it anyway."
act of symbolically canceling out a previous action that one finds intolerable

Man spills salt, then tosses it over shoulder to prevent bad luck

Man anxious about work yells at wife and then brings her flowers after work.
Negative and positive impulses are split off and unintegrated

People are seen as either angels or devils, no continuum
The transformation of negative feelings towards others into negative feelings toward self, pain, illness, and anxiety