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Deep water cementing objectives
short woc, hydraulic seal, long term durability, structual support
deep water problems
shallow water flow, gas, low temperatures, risk of losses in shallow strings
control shallow water flow
identify shallow water flow zones (seismic data) drill pilot holes (MWD ,LWD) Best Drilling Practices (Optimize hole size and drilling fluids)
DeepCem Additives
D186, D186
Density/Temperature Range (DeepCrete)
8-13.5 lb/gal 40-80F
4 Consequenses of gas migration
poor zone isolation, blow out, repair, environmental damage
3 paths for gas migration
channel (poor mud removal)
invasion during setting (slurry design)
cement set failure (temperature)
Critical Hydration Period
Pressure Decline Limit
4 Phases of cement
liquid, gelation, hydration, set