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(n) a judge who decides a disputed issue

An ____ was hired to settle the Major League Baseball strike because the owners and players could not come to an agreement.
(adj) prejudiced

A judge should not be ___, but should weigh the evidence fairly before making up her mind.
(v) to free from guilt or blame

When the gold coins discovered in his closet were found to be fake, Dr. Rideau was ___ and the search for the real thief continued.
(adj) not in favor of one side or the other; unbiased

The umpire had a hard time remainig _____; his son was pitching for the home team, and this made it difficult to call the game fairly.
(adj) indisputable; not open to question

The videotape of the roberry provided _____ evidence against the suspect- he was obviously guilty.
(n) trustworthiness; completeness

The ___ of the witness was called into question when her dislike for the defendant was revealed- some jurors suspected that she was not being entirely truthful
(n) the philosophy of schience of law

Judges and lawyers are longtime students of ____.
(n) treating facts without influence from personal feelings of prejudices

It is important that a judge hear all cases with ___, so that her personal feelings do not affect her decision.
(adj) expressing remorse for one's misdeeds

His desire to make amends to the people he had wronged indicated that he was truly ___, so the parole board ler him out of the penitentiary.
(adj) seemingly valid or acceptable; credible

Keith's excuse that he missed school yesterday because he was captured by space aliens was not very ___.
(adj) supported with proof or evidence; verified

The fingerprint evidence ___ the detective's claim that the suspect had been at the scene of the crime.
(adj) freed from blame

Mrs. Layton was finally ___ after her husband admitted to the crime.