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Decision Making consists of these components
1. Normal development knowledge
2. Components of pediatric conditions
3. Evidence Based Practice
Evidence Based Practice is based on...
-Consensus statements
-Review articles
-Guide to practice
-Data bases
-Program evaluation (school vs. outpatient
-Expert opinion
-Clincial practice/experience
EBP strongly supports...
client-centered approach, what is best for each individual child, use of the best methods of interventions currently available, clinical experience is critical in order to implement findings based on evidence, based on ICF classification model and the "guide"
Pt Exam includes...
Patient History, Systems Review and Tests and Measures
What is a "top-down" approach of examination and evaluation?
-Desired outcomes/goals determined in conjunction w/ families
-Identification of strengths and obstacles
-Strategies to by-pass obstacles
-Intervention plan base on goals
-On-going examination by working on several things at once.
Plan of Care is a result of...
-Findings of the examination and evaluation
-Family centered care based on child and family concerns
-Culturally competent addressing the child in his environment
-Child's age and overall development
-Family goals and needs
-Specific problems/competencies identified by the PT and other team members (strengths and needs)
What does HOAC-II stand for?
Hypothesis-Oriented Algorithm for Clinicians-II
What is HOAC-II?
A systematic method for clinical decision making. A branching approach w/ steps intending to narrow the focus of the problem and to direct the therapist to the appropriate plan of action. Guide for the clinician to go through the decision making process.
There are two parts to the HOAC, what are they?
1. Assessment/treatment planning
2. Further problem solving when goals have not been met.
What are CATs?
Critically Appraised Topics. A means to disseminate evidence from research literature to rehabilitation professionals. A standardized 1 page summary of research evidence organized around a clinical question.