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Causes of deafness by Durgs
* Aminoglycoside antibiotics
* Ethacrynic acid(Edecrin - loop diuretic medication -> high blood pressure and the swelling: congestive heart failure, liver; kidney failure)
* Aspirin
* Chloroquine
* Quinidine
Causes of deafness by Genetic malformed or absent ears
* Kartagener syndrome - immotile ciliary syndrome (recurrent respiratory infections, including sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, and otitis media)
* Patau syndrome - Trisomy 13 (Lo-set ears)

* Waardenburg syndrome (varying degrees of deafness, minor defects in structures arising from the neural crest, and pigmentation anomalies)
* Treacher Collins syndrome - mandibulofacial dysostosis (downward slanting eyes, a small lower jaw, and malformed or absent ears)
Causes of deafness by genetic disorder
* Cockayne syndrome (A.Recessive, DNA damage is not repaired)
* Mohr syndrome (X-linked, progressive deafness)
Causes of deafness by genetic abnormal metabolism
* Otosclerosis
* Osteogenesis imperfecta - Brittle Bone Disease (A.Dominant, Deficiency of Type-I collagen)
* Stickler syndrome (A.Dominant, collagenopathy, types II and XI)
* Morquio syndrome (mucopolysaccharidosis IV)

* Hurler syndrome - MPS I H (α-L-Iduronidase deficiency)
* Hunter syndrome – MPS II (Iduronate sulfatase deficiency)
Deafness cause by Congenital factors
* Rubella syndrome
* Congenital atresia of the external auditory canal
* Congenital Cytomegalovirus
* Congenital perilymphatic fistula
* Fetal methyl mercury effects
* Fetal iodine deficiency effects
Deafness cause by Infectious factors:
* Meningitis
* Mumps
* Measles
* Ear infection (otitis media)
* Scarlet fever
Deafness cause by Traumatic factors:
* Traumatic perforation of the eardrum
* Skull fracture (temporal bone)
* Acoustic trauma such as from explosions, fireworks, gunfire, rock concerts, and earphones
* Barotrauma (differences in pressure)
Deafness cause by another factors
# Age-related:
* Age-related hearing loss (presbycusis)
# Occupational:
Any occupation with exposure to loud noises on a continuous day-to-day basis can result in hearing loss due to nerve end damage. Increased attention to conditions in the work environment has markedly decreased the likelihood of work-related hearing loss.
# Other:
* Meniere's disease
* Acoustic neuroma
Temporary hearing loss can be caused by
* The build-up of wax in the ear canal
* Foreign body lodged in the ear canal
* Injury to the head
* Allergy
* Blocked Eustachian tubes
* Scarred or perforated eardrum
* Ear infections (chronic otitis externa, chronic otitis media, malignant otitis externa)
* Reaction to medication such as aminoglycosides, chloroquine, quinidine