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pensar (ie)
to think
pensar de ... (ie)
to think of (opinion)
pensar que... (ie)
to think that...
¿Qué te parece..?
What do you think about..? (sing)
¿Qué te parecen..?
What do you think about..? (pl)
¿Qué piensas de..?
What do you think of/about..?
¿Piensas que..?
do you think that..?
¿Te parece que..?
Do you think that..?
Me parece... (+ adj)
It seems..(adj)to me; i think it's
Me parecen... (+ adj)
They seem..(adj) to me; i think they're
En mi/tu/su opinión...
in my/your opinion...
Para mí/ti/Ud...
For me, you...
creer que...
to believe/think that
¿Crees que..?
Do you think that..?
Creo que...
I think that...
deber + Inf
debe/debes + Inf
you should/must
Deberías/Debería + Inf
You should.../I should...
Es importante + Inf
It's important...
Es necesario + Inf
It's necessary...
Es preciso + Inf
It's necessary...
Es bueno/malo + Inf
It's good/bad...
Es mejor/peor + Inf
It's better/worse...
Es posible/imposible + Inf
It's possible/It's impossible
Hay que + Inf
One must...
aprender de memoria
to memorize
to memorize
aprobar (ie) (un examen, una prueba)
to pass (a test)
to fail
to note, write down
cometer errores
to make mistakes
to make a mistake
to copy
hacer copias
to make copies
to leave (something) behind
entregar (la tarea, el ensayo)
to hand in (HW, the essay)
hacer preguntas
to ask questions
llegar (a tiempo, tarde)
to arrive (on time, late)
navegar por la Red
to surf the Net
olvidar(se) de...
to forget...
acordar(se) de... (ue)
to remember...
perder (ie)
to lose, miss, waste (time)
preocupar(se) (por...)
to worry (about...)
to calm down
prestar atención
to pay attention
to review, go over
sacar notas (buenas, malas notas)
to get grades (good, bad)
salir bien/mal
to do well/poorly
dejar de + Inf
to quit...
seguir (las instrucciones) (i)
to follow directions, continue
tomar apuntes
to take notes
el correo electrónico
el Internet
the internet
la Telaraña Mundial
World Wide Web
el Web
World Wide Web
la página Web
Web page