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suscipio, ere, cepi, ceptus
to take up, recognize, acknowledge;
to undertake, assume, begin;
to undergo, submit to, accept, suffer
praetereo, ire, ii, itus
to go by, pass by;
to neglect ,omit, disregard
capto, are, avi, atus
(freq. capio)
to strive after, seize, chase, capture;
long for, desire
adhibeo, ere, adhibui, adhibitus
apply to, add to;
furnish, produce;
secus (adv.)
otherwise, differently, not so
adhuc (adv.)
until now, hitherto;
to this point, thus far
numquid (adv. interr.)
strengthened num
(expects yes response)
levis, e
slight, trifling, small;
unimportant, trivial
quivis, quaevis, quidvis
whoever you wish;
any whatsoever, anything
desero, ere, deserui, desertus
to leave, forsake, abandon
declaro, are, avi, atus
to disclose, reveal, make evident;
to demonstrate, reveal, disclose;
prove, show, explain