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fingo, fingere, finxi, fictus
to feign, form, invent
fortasse (adv.)
conveniens, convenientis
adapted to
consequor, consequi, consecutus sum
follow; obtain, attain
sane (adv.)
certainly, by all means
consuetudo, inis
custo, habit, intimacy, familiarity
adhuc (adv.)
as yet, hitherto
praeter (adv.)
beyond, except (+ acc.)
habilis, e
easily handled, managable, suitable, fit, proper, apt
norma, ae (f.)
rule, standard
aequitas, aequitatis (f.)
fairness, reasonableness
gigno, gignere ,genui, genitus
to beget, produce; give rise to
praeter (adv.)
beyond, except (+ acc.)
habilis, e
easily handled, managable, suitable, fit, proper, apt
floreo, florere, florevi, floretus
to prosper
cupiditas, tatis
passion, desire
libido, inis (f.)
lust, licentiousness
hodie (adv.)
perspicio, ere, spexi, spectus
to percieve
perigrinus, a, unm
foreigner, stranger
potior, potius
preferable, better
pario, parere, peperi, partus
to beget, produce, create; obtain
caritas, caritatis (f.)
affection, feeling
firmitas, firmitatis (f.)
firmness, constancy, steadfastness
potior, ius
better, preferable
pario, parere, peperi, partus
beget, produce, create, obtain
pariter (adv.)
equally, exactly
tollo, tollere, sustuli, sublatus
remove, destroy; eliminate
praesto, stare, stiti, stitum
(+ dat) be superior (to); show, display
conquiesco, ere, conquievi, conquietus
to repose, rest
caducus, a, um
perishable, fleeting
secerno, secernere, secrevi, secretus
separate, distinguish
temeritas, tatis (f.)
rashness, fickle behavior
interpretor, ari, atus sum
to understand to be, interpret
aeque (adv.)
equally, as much as
principium, i (n.)
queo, quire, quii, quitus
to be able to; can
contineo, continere, continui, contentus
contain; uphold; embrace
reperio, reperere, repperi, repertus
to find
molestia, ae (f.)
annoyance, vexation
consensio, ionis (f.)
haud (adv.)
repente (adv.)
valitudo, inis (f.)
health, ill-health
opportunitas, tatis (f.)
conveniency, advantage
belua, ae (f.)
voluptas, tatis (f.)
pleasure; physical pleasure
metior, metiri, metitus sum
to measure
attingo, ere, tigi, attactus
to touch, come in contact with; to strike, seize;
to approach, attain to, reach
regio, onis
direction, line
provincia, ae
office, duty, charge, business, employment
turpis, e
ugly; filthy; shameful
turpitudo, inis
unsightliness, repulsiveness, deformity
pondus, eris (n.)
weight, mass, burden;
consequence, importance, influence, authority
occuro, ere, occurri, cursus
to meet; to attack; to oppose, object
profiteor, profiteri, professus sum
to declare publically, acknowledge, profess
ibidem (adv.)
in the same place;
in that very moment
deorsum (adv.)
eripio, ere, eripui, ereptus
to tear out, snatch away, deprive;
to rescue, deliver
commentor, ari, atus sum
to meditate, think over, study, deliberate;
delino, are, avi, atus
to bend aside, deviate
fingo, fingere, fictus
to shape, make; form, fashion
to compose;
to imagine, invent, pretend
nutus, nutus (m.)
a hint;
a tendency, inclination, gravity