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In the eastern part of the Fertile Crescent,the Tigris and Euphrates rivers flow ______ of the Persian Gulf.
Who was the first group of people in history to form a civilization?
It was the Sumerians
What five key characteristics set Sumer apart from earlier human societies?
1.advanced cities
2.specialized workers
3.complex institutions
4.record keeping
5.advanced technology
Sumer's earliest governments were controlled by what?
temple priests
This process of a new idea or a product spreading from one culture to another is called?
cultural diffusion
What is it called to belive in more than one God?
Some of the richest accounts of Mesopotamian myths and legends appear in a long poem called?
Epic of Gilgamesh
What did the Sumerians invent?
The wheel,sail and the plow.
What was the Sumerians building techniques including the use of what?
mud,bricks, and mortar
What is the Sumerians architectural innovations?
They are arches,columns,ramps,and the pyramid-shaped design
An______ brings together several peopls,nasions,or previously independent states under the control of one ruler.
How long did Sargon's dynasty last?
200 years
How many miles does the Nile River flow northward making it the longest river in the world?
over 4,100 miles
Who was the powerful God of the dead?
What is it called when the Egyptians preserved a dead person's body?
The chariot-riders were the Hyksos witch meant what?
The rulers of the uplands
What are the name's of the interior of a pyramid?
1.King's chamber
2.Air shaft
3.Grand gallery
4.Queen's chamber
5.Ascending passage
6.Escape passage
7.Unfinished chamber's
What was the most important gods that the Egyptians believed in?
Ra,the sun of god,and Horus,the god of light.
What was the name of the most important goddess?
Egyptians worshiped more than____ gods and goddess.
What was the name of the writing system that the Egyptian's used?