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potable water
dark blue
feed water
light blue
chill water
light blue & green
salt water
dark green
fire main
AFFF concentrate
red & light blue
AFFF solution
red & green
co2 flooding system
red & white
red, white, & grey
fuel oil & gasoline
lube oil
yellow and black
lp air
hp air
dark grey
what is the fire main used for?
firefighting, list control, flushing water, CMW
what pressure does the firemain have?
125-175 psi
what type is the fire main?
composite loop
how many fire pumps do we have? How many steam, electric and what is their GPM?
21; 17 electric (1000 GPM), 4 steam (2000 GPM)
where are the electric pumps located?
pump room
where are the steam pumps located?
Where can fire pumps be activated?
in space locally, 2nd deck outside space, DC central at the switch panel
how many emergency diesel generators do we have?
where are the emergency diesel generators located?
FWD female berthing area, AFT mess decks STBD side
how many AFFF transfer stations do we have?
How many gallons of AFFF do each transfer station hold?
How many HCFF stations?
How many gallons does each HCFF hold?
What does AFFF stand for?
Aqueous Film Forming Foam
What does HCFF stand for?
High Capacity Fog Foam
what can be found at each HCFF?
SOPV (Solenoid Operated Pilot Valve)
What are teh SOPV used for?
to activate the HCFF
what toxic gas does AFFF break down into?
H2S (hydrogen sulfide)
what is the AFFF/HCFF circuit?
What does APC stand for?
Aqueous Potassium Carbonate
What is the composition of APC?
50% water 50% APC
What is APC used for?
To combat deep fat fryer fires in the galleys
at what temperature does the fusible link melt?
360 degrees
how many APC systems aboard the JFK?
How many ways can you activate the APC system and what are they?
3; remote, manual, nitrogen
what is co2?
carbon dioxide
how does co2 put out the fire?
takes out the oxygen
what spaces does teh co2 flooding system cover?
hazmat and paint lockers
what is the soak time for co2?
15 minutes
what is the time delay for co2?
25 seconds +/- 5 seconds
what is the purpose of the time delay?
to secure ventilation
what are the safety preautions for co2?
prior to activating it ensure zebra is set in space and once it is activated wait 15 minutes and enter space using an SCBA
how do you activate co2?
break glass and pull cord until yousee red on the cord
what types of alarms does the co2 system give?
visual and audio
how many eductors do we have?
where are teh eductors located?
main spaces, pump rooms, shaft alleys
what are the GPM on each eductor?
2000 GPM
what is the PSI required to operate the eductors?
150-175 PSI
what are the safety precautions for eductors?
ventilation must be set on hight. it acts as a vacuum
how do you activate the eductors?
discharge, fire main and suction. suction, fire main discharge
what activates the halon system?
what is the time delay for the halon system?
30 seconds unmanned spaces
60 seconds manned spaces
what is the purpose of the halon system time delay?
to secure ventilation
what is the halon time delay bypass time?
35 seconds unmanned spaces
70 seconds manned spaces
what is the purpose of the halon time delay bypass valve?
used to bypass the time delay if halon was not activated after the normal time delay
where can halon be activated?
remote, EOS, access of 2nd deck
what indicators are received when halon is activated?
visual (red probe), audio (alarms)
where are the halon alarms received?
on site, DCC
at what temperature does halon become toxit?
900 degrees
how does halon extinguish the fire?
breaks the chemical chain reaction
what is the soak time for halon?
15 minutes
what is the % of halon discharged into a main space?
where is halon used?
main machinery rooms, CO in port cabin, pump rooms, flag mess, diesel generator rooms, HLU lockers
where can CMWD be activated?
flight deck control, bridge
what is the CMWD color code?
what is the purpose of CMWD?
it washes down the ship with salt water prior to CBR attack
why is CMWD activated prior to a CBR attack?
to prevent chemicals from sticking to the skin of the ship
what material condition of readiness is set and why?
circle william to isolate the interior of the ship from chemical outside the ship
what direction will the ship tavel in relation to the wind and why?
against the wind to ensure the chemical will be swept behind the ship
how many DECON stations do we have?
what type of shower are in DECON stations?
salt water (green)
what does CBR stand for?
chemial, biological, radiological
how many types of chemical agents are there? name them.
4; nerve, blood, blister, chocking
how many levels of radiation are there? name them.
4; alpha, bravo, gamma (strongest), neutron
What type of gas mask do we use?
what type of canister do we use?
what does ACPG stand for?
advanced chemical protective garment
what is the personal DECON kit called?
what is the M-8 paper used for?
to detect liquid-G, V-nerve and blister-H agents
What is the M-9 paper used for?
to detect vapors in the air
which are teh three radiacs used to detect radiation?
AN/PDR 27: low intensity
AN/PDR 43: high intensity
AN/PDR 65: located on the bridge detects radiation using probe on the mast
what does CCA stand for and how many do we have?
contamination control area; 4
name the 4 types of nuclear bursts.
high altitude: 100,000 ft or
higher. effect:
electromagnetic pulse
air: 100,000 ft or below.
fireball does not touch the
surface. effect: initial
surface: fireball touches the
surface. effect: air blast
sub-surface: underwater.
fireball vents to water
surface. effect: underwater
shockwave & base surge
what does MOPP stand for and how many levels is it composed of?
mission oriented protective posture, 4 levels
MOPP levels type of attack:
MOPP 1: suspected
MOPP 2: possible
MOPP 3: probable
MOPP 4: imminent
how many repair lockers on JFK?
What is the purpose of repair locker 3?
back up to DCC
what is the purpose of repair locker 7B?
flight deck emergencies
what frames make up the box?
what are the repair lockers in the box?
4/5F and 4/5A
what MMR's does 4/5F and 4/5A respond to?
4/5F: 3MMR, 2MMR, and AMR
4/5A: 1MMR, and 4MMR
how do you combat a MMR fire?
main space fire doctrine
how many sections is teh ship divided in for yoke and for zebra?
yoke: 4 sections, 2 fwd, 2 aft
zebra 2 sections, port & stbd
what is the number to report fire & flooding?
which is the DC circuit?
which is the secondary DC circuit?
Which is the emergency circuit?
what is the length of the re-enter hose reels for the main spaces?
125 feet
what is the length of the standard fire fighting hose?
50 feet
what is the minimum manning for a 1.5" fire fighting hose?
3 to 5 people
what is the minimum manning for a 2.5" fire fighting hose?
5 to 7 people
what is the output for vari-nozzles within the skin of the ship?
95 GPM
What is the output for vari-nozzles outside the skin of the ship?
125 GPM
How long does a 15 lb co2 bottle last?
45 seconds
what si the range of a 15lb co2 bottle?
4-6 ft from the tip of the horn
what is used to combat main space fires?
main space fire doctrines
where is the main spaces fire doctrine located?
DCC, fire marshall office, repair lockers, MSC
What rates is the R-div composed of?
Dc, HT, MR
how far out must you be to dump CHT?
3 NM
how many CHT modes are there? name them.
3; in port, transit, out to sea
how many CHT tanks do we have?
how many CHT riseres do we have? where are they?
4; S-8 sponson, main deck smoking sponson, deck house 1, stbd boat davit
what is the purpose of list control?
to keep an even keel during flight operations
hos is list measured?
degrees port to stbd
what tool monitors list?
where are the cliometers located?
3 MMR, repair 3, DCC, bridge, flight deck control, engineer's office, engineer's stateroom
how many decks and levels are on the JFK?
8 decks, 11 levels
what are the colors associated with the general, chemical, and collision alarms?
general: red
chemical: yellow
collision: green