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What did a man do if he was interested in a woman in the olden days?
he would "call on" her presenting his card at the door.
If a woman approves of a man, what is the next step?
They would visit in the presence of her parents
Did men or women control who they saw?
What is "keeping Company"
If a couple became serious about their relationship
What is the purpose of "calling" and "keeping company"?
was to find an acceptable mate.
In the classical age what did they call the relationship?
What did dating mean?
That two people paired off into a couple to enjoy each others company
Who set the rules for dating?
Peer culture
Where did the Classical Age go on dates?
Dances, movies, parties. Dates were largely unsupervised
If two people became serious, what was this called?
Going Steady
What was the purpose of dating?
Learn how to relate to the other Sex
Who controlled the relationship?
Men paid, and it was considered acceptable if women initiated dates
List some reasons of why people date?
Sexual Attraction; Fun; Ego; Getting out of themselves; The thing to do; companionship
Reasons to date becuase of Sexual Attraction
its more than just a physical attraction. Sexual attraction moves us to explore relationships. This kind of attraction can ignite romantic love
Reasons people date for Fun:
Some people are funny, spontaneous, and interesting. On a date with such a person, we feel comfortable, accepted, and entertained
Why do some people date for an Ego Boost?
Dating a physically attractive,wealthy,or powerful person can boost your ego. We may date that person to draw others attention and approval to ourselves.
Dating someone to "get out of yourself"
Having a relationship with another can stretch ourselves beyond our own narrow concerns and interests. It makes the person feel good about themselves.
Dating someone becuase it's the "thing to do"
The individual may feel forced to date to avoid being judged as strange-taking on one form of discomfort to avoid another.
dating for companionship:
We seek someone with whom to share experiences.
Give and take:
We may want to offer our talents, skills, and affection to another person, realizing that she or he has talents, skills, and affection to offer as well
Dating to find a marriage partner:
as an individual reaches the late twenties and thirties, the desire to find a lifelong partner may take on an urgency that he or she had not known before.
What is friendship?
characterized by mutual caring between two people, usually involving loyalty, acceptance, honesty, availability, generous help, and equality. friends bring out the best in you.
Why do men like to have women companions?
women friends provide them with accepting companionship not as easily found among male friends.Often men can more readily open up emotionally and spiritually with women friends
What do men offer Women as companions?
valuable companionship and a different perspective.
How should men and women see each other to maintain a healthy relationship?
as human beings first, and as man and woman second. Both have to consider each other as persons with needs, interests, talents, experience, and as persons worthy of respect and honor
How should they view each other?
view each other as equals. . True friends treat each other as they wish to be treated. No one wants to be seen as inferior or incompetent
Both need to see beyond __________ of their respective sex. For a male-female friendship to thrive, the woman as well as the man should be able, for example, to initiate activities to do together. Both should be able to _____ well and share _______
Why should male and female friends abstain from sexual relations with each other?
sex takes friendship in a different direction and frequently ends it
what are two troubles that come up before dating?
High expectations
Concerned about being attractive
What is expectation?
expectation indicates that a person thinks a certain outcome is probable.
What is Hope?
implies that a person is ready to respond when an oppurtunity presents itself.
what can expecting a perfect experience cuase?
leads to anxiety that prevents us from enjoying the other person.
although good looks may be important initially, what happens as the people get to know each other?
appearances become less and less important as you get to know the person.
What question is important when deciding where to go on a date?
What does he/she like to do?
Give some examples of things that may be appealing for a date:
Canoe Trip, orchestra concert, tennis trip, photogrophy expedition, different kind of dancing
What is infatuation?
the sense of illusion in romance
Some examples of infatuation would be..
when We see the other person through a distorting lens; we may perceive the romance’s effect on us in a skewed way as well.
What happens when we are infatuated by someone?
We idolize, rather than simply admire, the person. We are oblivious to his or her faults
Infatuation presents us with the following problems (4)
Superficial. Overpowerful. Fickle. Short-lived.
Explain SUperficial
Infatuation has its origins in a person’s looks, a few nice words, a certain magnetism. Romantic feelings either vanish or change to real love if two people get to know each other better. But infatuation thrives on superficial knowledge of each other; it avoids the truth.
The feelings associated with infatuation are so powerful that they can overrule our judgment. Their intensity tends to blind up, so that we cannot make wise decision
When we are battling our own better judgment and fighting very hard to avoid seeing a situation clearly. Rather than the steady affection we feel exhaustion punctuated with thrilling moments. Even these may fade.
restless quest for the powerful, exciting experience of infatuation, which lasts only a short time.
What is Jelousy?
any perceived interference in the relationship may be viewed as a threat
What is dependency?
an unhealthy centering of one’s energy and meaning on one person
What is Exclusivity?
the point at which a couple block out other relationships to spend time exclusively with each other. One of the two persons begins to feel suffocated and pulls away. Exclusivity, too, can drive away other friendships and important relationships that we need over the long haul
Give some excuses that Young people give for having Pre-marital sex:
. I may lose them if i dont have sex with them.
.WE just got carried away.
. i wont be a man/women if i dont do it.
.Sex will prove that we love each other.
.Most of the people i know do it.