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40,000-12,000 BCE
Paleolithic Era: Nomadic tribes of hunter-gatherers roam Africa, Europe, Asia, and Mid-East
8000 BCE
Farming villages spread around Mediterranean and Persian Gulf
3500 BCE
Height of Sumerian civilization
3100 BCE
King Menes uniifes and rules Upper and Lower Egypt
2000 BCE
Indus valley civilization in India
1792-1750 BCE
King Hammurabi extends Kingdom of Babylonia
1600-1050 BCE
Shang dynasty in China
1500 BCE
Beginnging of Olmec civilization on Mexican Gulf Coast
1500 BCE
Fall of Indus civilization
1050-480 BCE
Zhou Dynasty in China
1000-900 BCE
King David in Israel, succeeded by Solomon
540 BCE
Rise of Persian Empire under Cyrus II (the Great); 538 BCE conquers Babylonia
510/509 BCE
Etruscans expelled from Rome; republic is founded
431-404 BCE
Peloponessian War
334-331 BCE
Alexander the Great invades Persian Empire; takes Egypt, founds Alexandria; conquers Mesopotamia
323 BCE
Alexander dies; empire divided
321-280 BCE
Mauryan Empire expands through subcontinent
264-241 BCE
Romans defeat Carthage in North Africa in First Punic War; take Sicily
220-206 BCE
Chine: Han Dynasty begins
147-146 BCE
Third Punic War; Romans take Carthage
60 BCE
First triumvirate established
44 BCE
Julius Caesar assassinated; 43 BCE Second Triumvirate formed
27 BCE
Octavian becomes Augustus, Roman Emperor
27 BCE - 180 AD
Pax Ramana
5000-3000 BCE
Copper AGe
3200 BCE
Bronze Age begins in Middle EAst
1600 BCE
Hittites (Asia) make first iron works
1200 BCE
Iron Age in Europe
3400 BCE
Sumerians develop written language
2550-2525 BCE
Construction of Great Pyramids in Egypt
1780 BCE
Hammurabi's Legal Code
1100 BCE
Phoenician alphabet
776 BCE
Founding of Olympic Games
604-531 BCE
Lao Tzu, founder of Taoism
563-483 BCE
Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha
551-479 BCE
330 BCE
Hellenistic Period begins
256 BCE
Buddhism becomes state religion in Mauryan empire (India)
215 BCE
Great Wall of China constructed
4 BCE- 30 CE
Jesus Christ
138-180 CE
Emperors Antonius Pius and Marcus Aurelius
300 CE
Rise of Ghana as trading power in West Africa
312 CE
Constantine becomes Roman emperor, converts to Christianity
313 CE
Edict of Milan declares toleration of Christians in Roman Empire
320 CE
Chandragupta first Gupta emperor in India
330 CE
Constantine moves capitol of empire to constantinople (Greek Byzantium)
395 CE
India: Height of Gupta empire
476 CE
End of west Roman Empire: Odoacer overthrows Romulus Augustulus
527 CE
Constantinople: Justinian becomes Emperor; Byzantine Empire begins, Roman Empire ends
550 CE
Ghana Empire founded in West Africa
618 CE
China: Tang Dynasty founded
622 CE
Muhammad leaves Mecca for Media; 630 returns to gain control of Mecca
771-800 CE
Charlemagne expands Frankish control through Germany, Spain, Italy
794 CE
Japain: heian period begins
843 CE
Treaty of Verdun divides Frankish empire
907 CE
Civil war ends Tang Dynasty in China
960 CE
Reunification of Cihna; Song Dynasty begins
1000 CE
Vikings sight land in North America
325 CE
Council of Nicea establishes Christian doctrine
550 CE
Buddhism introduced in Japan
570-632 CE
Life of Muhammad
622 CE
Muhammad's flight marks first year of Muslim calendar
845 CE
Chinese state returns to Confucianism, bans Buddhism
972 CE
University founded at Cairo