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The Mughal Empire
-in India
-founded in 1526
-from a NW part of southern Asia
-they were muslim, but managed to mediate w/the predominantly Hindu Indians
Akbar the Great
-ruled from 1556 - 1606
-very good ruler
-promoted religious tolerance
Vasco de Gama "discovers" India
-sailed around the cape of good hope in 1498
East India Trading Company
-founded in 1600
-Robert Clive --> administrator
-is given right to trade on behalf of England but by 1848 is essentially ruling India
-semi-forced (w/ economic pressures sometimes) native leaders/rulers to sign trade treaties, etc.
-built up its' own army
-ends after the Sepoy Rebellion
Sepoy rebellion
-Sepoy: an India native serving in the British(EITC) army
-They rose up against the British b/c of cultural differances --> rifle cartridges w/animals fats of sacred animals, etc.
The Qing(Ching) Dynasty
-1644 - 1911
-Manchurian(foreigners) yet successful for a long while
Trade of Opium outlawed
T'ai P'ing rebellion
-1851 - 1865
-one of the few large internal rebellions which weaken the Qing Dynasty
-15 million killed
Boxer Rebellion
-Chinese attempt to expel foreigners & parts of own government
Revolution of 1911
-emporer is forced to abdicate his position
-the chinese republic begins under Sun yat-sen
Opium Wars
-fought b/c British would not stop destorying the Chinese economy w/the selling of opium
-ended in 1857 w/Treaty of Nanjing
King Leopold II
-1865 - 1909
-makes Congo into his rubber factory manned essentially by slaves
Berlin Conference
-European countries meet and carve up Africa