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A picutre of the high-level entities for an organization and the relationships among the entities is called an

A Logical data model
B Hypertext graphic
C Erd
D Physical data model
E None of the above
e. planning enterprise model
Each row in a table represents an _______________ of an entity
A relatively small team of people who collaborate on the same project is called a ____________?
A generic planning methodology that attempts to gain a broad understanding of the organization’s information needs is called _____________ planning.
The SDLC phase in which database processing programs are created is the ______________ phase.
A database is an organized collection of ______________ related data.
Data that describes the properties of other data are _______________ ?
A Local area network-based environment in which a databases server performs commands sent to it from client workstations is called an ______________ architecture.
Which of the following conditions can exist if an associative entity is to be created?

a. All the relationships for the participating entities are one-to-one.
b. The new associative entity has independent meaning.
c. The new associative entity participate in independent relationships.
d. A and B
e. B and C
e. B and C
An entity type whose existence depends on another entity is a __________?
Weak entity
A(n) ____________ is the relationship between a weak entity type and its owner
Identifying relationship
An attribute that can be broken down into smaller parts is called a ___________ attribute.

A. associative
B. simple
C. composite
D. complex
E. none of the above
C. composite
An entity that associates the instances of one or more entity types and contains attributes specific to the relationships is called
Associative entity
The number of entity types that participate in a relationship is called the ….
A simultaneous relationship among the instances of the three entity types is called a _____________ relationship.
A __________ specifies the number of instances of one entity that can be associated with each instance of another entity.
Cardinality constraint
The most common type of entity is …..
Strong entity
A person’s name, birthday, and social security number are all examples of
A student can attend 5 classes, each with a different professor. Each professor has 30 students. The relationship of students to professors is a ___________ relationship.
The __________ rule specifies that an entity can be a member of only one subtype at a time.
A statement that defines or constrains some aspect of the business is called…
Business rule
A specification of the characteristics of the data values that can be associated with one or more attributes is a(n)….
Domain constraint
An attribute that uniquely identifies each row in a relation is called a ….
Candidate key (can be a primary key)
________________ is a component of the relational data model included to specify business rules to maintain the integrity of data when they are
Data integrity
A rule that states that each foreign key value must match a primary key value in another relation is called the …
Referential integrity constraint
Which of the following are anomalies that can be caused by redundancies in tables?

a. Insertion
b Deletion
c Modification
d. All of the above
e None of the above
d. All of the above
An address is a ___________ attribute.
Composite (can be broken down)
A single occurrence of an entity is called an entity _____________
A relation that contains minimal redundancy and allows easy use is considered to be…
A constraint between two attributes is called a(n) …
Functional dependency
The process of defining one or more subtypes of a supertype and forming relationships is called ….
A relation that contains no multi-valued attributes, but has non-key attributes not dependent on the primary key is in which normal form?
A functional dependency in which one or more nonkey attributes are functionally dependent on part but not all of the primary key is called a ________________ entity.
partial function
Two or more attributes having different names is
How many relations will result from a binary one-to-one relationship?
How many relations will result from a binary many-to-many relationship?
How many relations will result from a unary one-to-one relationship?
How many relations will result from a ternany many-to-many relationship?
Duplication of data in files may cause _________?

a. Data integrity problems
b. Data items with different names in different files
c. Data items with the same name used for different purposes
d. All of the above
d. All of the above