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a users picture of that database - contains what they can see and access
defining query
indicates what to include in the view
How do you create a view?
Create a query - this is a view
computer generated field that iterates all the entries in a table
index key
field or group of fields upon which the index is built
prevention of unauthorized users in the database
Integrity rules
Entity and Referential Integrity
Entity integrity
No field that is part of the primary key may accept null values
Referential integrity
If table A contains a foreign key that matches the primary key of table B, the values of this foreign key mus either match the primary key, or be null
Foreign Key
Field or collection of fields in a table whose value is required to match the value of the primary key for a second table
Legal-values integrity
No record can exist in the database with a value other than the legal values
validation rule
rule to determine which values are legal
validation text
text to inform the user of the reason for rejection of an invalid value
System catalog
Information about tables in the database
information about the tables known to SQL
Information about the columns within the tables
information about the defined indexes
Information about the views that have been created
allows printing of documentation concerning objects in the database