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To wokr with a saved file, the file must be removed from___________.
nonvolatile memory
Minimun time it takes the device to locate a single item on a disk.
Access Time
A compact disc stores items in a single track that spirals from the _____ of the disc.
To read from or write on a floppy disk, a floppy disk drive must support that floppy disk's _______.
With ______ the disc acts like a floppy or hard disk, allowing data, instructions, and information to be written onto it multiple times.
A typical floppy disk can store 1.44 ___ of data.
The dirve designation of a CD-ROM or DVD_ROM drive usually follows alphabetically after that of the _______.
hard disk
Issued through the operating system to define, amoung other items, the file allocation table for each partition.
high-level format
The average access time for current floppy disk drives to locate an item on a floppy disk is 84 ms, or approximately ____ of a second.
Realibility is improved with ______ through the duplication of data, instructions, and information.
A piece of metal that covers an opening in the rigid plastic shell.
the location of a single track through all platters
A ________ can be purchased that already contains pictures, or can be used to record an individuals own pictures.
Photo CD
occurs when a read/write head touches the surface of a platter, usually resulting in a loss of data or sometimes loss of the entire drive
head crash
The flow of data, instructions, and information to and from a disk is managed by a special-purpose chip and its associated electronic circuits
disk controller
Because of the stacked arrangement of hard disk platters, the location of the read/write heads often is reffered to by its _____ instead of its track.
A portion of the memory that the SPU uses to store frequrntly accessed items.
Disk cache
________ is a RAID storage design that improves disk access times, but does not offer data duplication.
The distance between the read/write head and the platter is approx. two _______ of an inch
Special purpose chip and its associated electronic circuits that managed (controls) the transfer of items from the hard drive to the rest of the computer. Two types: EIDE and SCSI
hard disk controller (HDC
A typical hard disk can store 8 ___ of data.
Organizes both sides of each platter into tracks and sectors to define where items will be stored on the disk
low-level format
Mechanism used to record and receive items to and from a storage medium
Storage device
Two types of hard disk controllers for personal computers are _____ and _____.
A group of two or more integrated hard disks
Our gideline for proper care of floppy disks is to _____________.
avoid heat, cold, and magnetic fields
A duplicate of a file, program, or disk that can be used if the original is lost, damaged, or destroyed
____, ____, ____ is the fastest and most ecpensive common type of tape drive.
A mechanism that accurately reads from or writes items on the floppy disk
Read/Write head
Measured by the number of bytes it can hold. (of a speed of a storage device)
Special purpose chip and its associated electronic circuits that managed (controls) the transfer of items from the hard drive to the rest of the computer. Two types: EIDE and SCSI
hard disk controller (HDC)
The ____ is like a library card for a disk that contains a listing of all files, file types, and locations.
If a hard disk has only one partition, the hard disk usually is clled, or is designated, drive __.
When a program needs data, instructions, of information, the CPU checks the disk ______.
A special high-capacity disk drive developed by Iomega corporation that uses a 3.5 inch zip disk.
ZIP(r) drive
PC cards most often are used with _____ and ______ computers.
laptops & portable
A typical disk stores on ____ and has 80 tracks on each side of the recording surface with 18 sectors per track
both sides
A CD_ROM can hold nearly 700 MB of data, instructions, and information, or about ____ times that which can be stored on a high-density 3.5-inch floppy disk.
A table of information used to locate files on a disk.
File allocation table
Portable, inexpensive storage medium that consists of a thin, circular, flexible plastic disk with a magnetic coating enclosed in a square-shaped plastic shell.
Floppy Disk or Diskette
A silver-coated compact disk that uses the same laser technology as audio CD's for recording music.
The time it takes the drive to transmit data, instructions, and information from the CD-Rom to another device
data transfer rate
__________ is a Windows utility that frees up space on a hard disk by listing files that can be deleted safely.
Disk Cleanup
Extremely high capacity compact disc capable of storing from 4.7 GB to 17 GB
Consists of several flexible, circular disks, called platters, on which items are stored electronically
hard disk
Similar in size to a credit card or ATM card, stores data on a thin microprocessor embeded in a card.
smart card
The physical material on which items are kept.
Storage Medium
Means of paying for goods and services over the internet
Electronic money (e-money) or Digital Cash
A ______ is the smallest unit of space used to store data.
_________ often os performed to make hard disks more efficient (faster) or to allow the installation of multiple operating systems on the same hard disk.
Used to store microscopic images of documents on roll or sheet film (uses a 100- to 215- foot roll of film)