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One or more values that lie "outside" of a distribution of the data. An ____ is a value that may be questioned because it is unusual or because there may have been an error in recording or reporting data.
The size of the units on an axia of a graph or number line.
A middle amount; found by dividing the sum of the numbers by the number of numbers.
A graphical representation of a table of data in which the height of each bar indicates its value.
bar graph
Values such as counts, ratings, measurements, or opinions that are gathered to answer questions.
A value that represents a middle value or typical value in a set of data. If all ot the data had the same value, the mean would be that value.
Of a distribution, the category or numerical value that occurs most often.
A quick way to picture the shape of a distribution while including the actual numerical values in the graph.
stem plot
A tool for organizing information in rows and columns. _____ let you list categories or values and then tally the occurrences.
To examine in order to observe similarities or differences.
Values that are "words" that represent possible responses within a given category.
catagorical data
Values that are numbers such as counts, measurements, and ratings.
numerical data
The _____ of distribution is computed by stating the lowest and highest values.
A quick way to picture the shape of a distribution while including the actual numerical values in the graph. Back-to-back ____ ____ may be used to compare two sets of data.
stem plot
The number lines that are used to make a graph. There are usually two axes perpendicular to each other.
axis, axes
A graphic representation of pairs of related numerical values. One axis shows one value of each pair and the other axis shows the other value of each pair.
coordiante graph
A quick, simple way to organize data along a number line where the x's (or other symbols) above a number represent how oftern each value is mentioned.
line plot
The numerical value that marks the middle of an ordered set of data. Half the data occur above the _____, and half the data occur below the ______.
A method for collecting data that uses interviews. _____ asls questions to find out information such as facts, opinions, or beliefs.
To state what one believes will happen before it occurs.