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was FDR nominated in 1940
what was korematsu V. US
it upheld the consitutionality of keeping the Japanese in concentration camps
When did FDR say the New Deal was to be replaced with WAR
what stopped the production of nonesssential items? why did it impose a speed limit/gas rationing?
The War Production Board. It imposed a speed limit/gas rationing after the Japanese invasion of British Malay and the Dutch East Indies which threatened the supply of rubber
what was the War Labor board
it imposed a ceiling on wages
John Lewis sometimes called on the workers to strike. This led to the passing of what Act
The SMith-Conally Act which allowed the government to seize tied up industries
Who was Phillip Randolph
he was the head of the Brotherhood Of Sleeping Car Porters who threatened a march on Washington if blacks werent given equal opportunities. This led to FDR forbidding discrimination in defense industries
what helped the black exodus in 1944
the mechanical cotton picker
what are some places that the Japs captured
Guam, Phillipines and the Dutch East Indies
what happened at Bataan
20,000 Americans fought w/ill trained Filipinos to slow the down the japs but they were failing so MacArthur was sent to Australia where he was needed most but he promised to return to the Phillippines
What is so significant about New Guinea
It was the first time that all the fighting was done by carrier aircraft
Midway+Battle of the Coral Sea
these battles gave the US the chance to attack Kisku and Attu. that japs were slowed down under Gernal Raymond Pruance in WWI
Br. launched a 1000 plane raid on cologne where Erwin Rommel escaped into Egypt however, Montgomery attacked
At what conference was it determined that Sicily would be invaded and that they would insist upon unconditional surrender.
The Casablanca conference with Churchill and FDR
what conference agreed on broad plans, including the plan to launch Soviet attacks on Germany
The Teheran conference
who wins in the 1944 election
FDR and VP Truman
Battle of the Bulge
Germany loses and they are screwed
what islands were needed as safe havens
Iwo Jima and Okinawa
which conference decided on the ultimatum for japan
the potsdam conference