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'to be possible'
'Dar para'
'to find a way' / 'to fix something or a situation' / 'to work things out'.
'Dar um jeito'
'to get along with'
'Se dar bem com'
to welcome, to extend welcome
dar as boas vindas
to encounter, run into
dar com
to admit your own fault
dar o braço a torcer
to give up
dar por vencido
to take a step
dar um passo
to take a look at
dar uma olhada
to visit someone, to jump, to drop in, by
dar um pulo
to report
dar parte de
to sneak out, walk out, get out
dar o fora
to have no results
dar em nada
to realize
dar-se conta de
to kid someone, to trick
dar um trote
to stand (someone) up
dar o bolo (em alguém)
go for a quick ride, walk around for a while
dar uma volta
to dump (someone) / to say something unkind unknowingly or accidentally
dar um fora (em alguem)
give a ride
dar uma carona
to not pay what you owe
dar o calote
to help someone out, to support someone in a difficult situation
dar uma força
to give a hand
dar uma mão