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Phoebus, i, m
Phoebus (an epithet of Apollo)
Daphne, Daphnes, f
Daphne (daughter of the river god Peneus)
Peneius, a, um
of Peneus, child of Peneus (god of the river Peneus)
fors, fortis, f
chance, destiny
serpens, serpentis, m
snake, serpent
flecto, flectere, flexi, flexus
to bend, curve; to turn
cornu, us, n
an animal's horn, an object made of horn (in text: a bow)
decet, decere, decuit
to adorn; to be right for (+ acc); it is right, suitable
fera, ae, f
wild animal, beast
modo, adv
modo . . . modo
only recently, just now
at one time . . . at another
premo, premere, pressi, pressus
to press, press upon; to cover; to oppress
tumidus, a, um
swollen; enraged, violent
sagitta, ae, f
fax, facis, f
laus, laudis, f
praise; reputation; praiseworthy act, honor
Venus, Veneris, f
Venus (goddess of love and Cupid's mother)
figo, figere, fixi, fixus
to drive in, insert; to transfix, pierce; to fix, press
arcus, us, m
a bow
percutio, percutere, percussi, percussus
to strike; to beat, shake violently
aer, aeris, m
penna, ae, f
a wing; a feather
consto, constare, constiti, constaturus
to take up a position, stand upon, stand firmly
pharetra, ae, f
fugo, are, avi, atus
to drive away, dispel, banish
cuspis, cuspidis, f
sharp point, tip
acutus, a, um
sharp, pointed
plumbum, i, n
Peneis, Peneidos
of the river Peneus
laedo, laedere, laesi, laesus
to harm, hurt, wound
protinus, adv
conubium, i, n, often pl
marriage, wedding rites
crimen, criminis, n
charge, accusation; misdeed, crime
cervix, cervicis, f
the neck
genitor, genitoris, m
father, creator
votum, i, n
a vow; prayer, wish
fallo, fallere, fefelli, falsus
to deceive, trick; to disappoint
levis, e
light; nimble; gentle; unsubstantial, thin
uro, urere, ussi, ustus
to destroy by fire, burn
collum, i, n
pendeo, pendere, pependi
to be suspended, hang; to hang down (upon or over)
como, comere, compsi, comptus
to make beautiful, adorn; to dress, arrange, comb
sidus, sideris, n
a star, planet
osculum, i, n
little mouth, a kiss, pl. lips
bracchium, i, n
the forearm
aura, ae, f
a breath of air, a breeze
resisto, resistere, restiti
to pause in one's journey, halt, stop
precor, precari, precatus sum
to pray for, beg
trepido, are, avi, atus
to panic; to tremble, quiver
columba, ae, f
a pidgeon, dove
noto, are, avi, atus
to mark, brand; to scar; to notice; to inscribe
asper, a, um
rough, harsh (to the touch); wild, uncultivated
propero, are, avi, atus
to act with haste, be quick; to hurry, rush
tellus, telluris, f
land, earth
regia, ae, f
palace, royal house; (in text: a shrine)
pateo, patere, patui
to be open; to be visible, revealed
carmen, carminis, n
a ritual utterance, chant, hymn; a song, poem