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Any enlisted person determined to be alcohol dependent with 180 days of entry on active duty may be processed for
administrative separation as a “Defective and Fraudulent
samples from what percent of its assigned personnel monthly.
10 to 20
to assist local commands in administering their
urinalysis testing program.
Navy Drug Screening Program
is basic alcohol awareness
training for use at Navy commands. It targets junior enlisted (E1-E4) and junior officers (01-03).
focuses on the themes of personal responsibility and Navy Core Values.
Personal Responsibility and Values Education and Training
(PREVENT 2000)
consists of two short, interactive education courses for Navy mangers and supervisors and one 5-day course for training
command personnel in facilitating for supervisors course.
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Managers/Supervisors (ADAMS).
Navv’s policy on druq abuse is
zero tolerance
Navv’s policy on alcohol is
responsible use
The primary DAPA should be what rank and assistant DAPAs should be ?
E-7 or above
E-5 or above
The DAPA (and assistant DAPAs) shall not have had
an alcohol incident within the prior to appointment, and
shall have at least remaining in the command after
2 years
1 year
DAPAs shall not be assigned duties as
urinalysis program coordinators (UPC)
is mandatory for every
member who is involved in an alcohol incident
A medical screeninq
OpNAV 5350/7
Drug and Alcohol Abuse Reports (DAAR)
DAARs shall be completed after
every command- or
self-referral, drug or alcohol incident, and final disposition determination.
DAAR is not used
to request administrative
DUI/DWI , shall promptly notify their CO. Failure to do so may constitute an offense punishable under
Article 92
are means of early intervention in the progression of alcohol abuse by which members can obtain help before a problem becomes more advanced and more difficult to resolve without risk of disciplinary
Command- and self-referrals
commands shall process
for administrative separation all members considered to be
treatment failures
is responsible for all aspects of the command urinalysis program
UPC (Urinalysis Program Coordinator)
campaign to reduce the incidence of alcohol abuse and to deglamorize
Right Spirit.
A computer-based application
developed to assist COS in administering monthly random drug testing.
NDSP (Navy Drug Screening Program) .
The residential
school for training active duty Navy drug and alcohol counselors.
NDACS (Navy,Drug and Alcohol Counselor School).
military member or
civilian employee specifically trained and certified to conduct
screening, counseling, education and treatment of alcohol and other drug abusers or those dependent on alcohol or other drugs.
DAC (Navy Drug and Alcohol Counselor)
Regional or area
councils with specified memberships (e.g. , COS, shore patrol, MWR, treatment providers, etc.) who meet regularly to determine
the alcohol and other drug threat and plan and implement
NDAAC (Navy Drug and Alcohol Advisory Council).
The act or process of confronting or otherwise directing an individual to obtain help for an alcohol or other drug problem.
Psychological and/or physiological reliance on
a chemical or pharmacological agent as defined by the current
Drug Dependence.
The wrongful use, possession, distribution, or
introduction onto a military installation, or other property or
facility under military supervision, of a controlled substance,
prescription medication, over-the-counter medication, or
intoxicating substance (other than alcohol) .
Drug Abuse