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7. “‘Philosophy, for one who understands, / points out, and not in just one place… / how nature follows—as she takes her course-- / the Divine Intellect and Divine Art.’”
6. “‘Because you want to fathom things so deeply, / I now shall tell you promptly… / why I am not afraid to enter here. / One ought to be afraid of nothing other / than things possessed of power to do us harm, / but things innocuous need not be feared.’”
5. “‘Brothers,’ I said, ‘o you, who having crossed / a hundred thousand dangers, reach the west, / to this brief waking-time that still is left / unto your senses, you must not deny / experience of that which lies beyond / the sun, and of the world that is unpeopled. / Consider well the seed that gave you birth: / you were not made to live your lives as brutes, / but to be followers of worth and knowledge.’”
“‘Are you already standing, / already standing there, o Boniface?’”
Pope Nicholas III
3. “‘Within my memory is fixed—and now / moves me—your dear, your kind paternal image / when, in the world above, from time to time / you taught me how man makes himself eternal.’”
Brunetto Latini
“‘Love, that can quickly seize the gentle heart, / took hold of him because of the fair body / taken from me—how that was done still wounds me. / Love, that releases no beloved from loving, / took hold of me so strongly through his beauty / that, as you see, it has not left me yet.’”
“‘…Not man; I once was man. / Both of my parents came from Lombardy, / and both claimed Mantua as native city. / And I was born, though late, sub Julio, / and lived in Rome under the good Augustus--/ the season of the false and lying gods.’”
“‘My son, there’s no Creator and no creature / who ever was without love—natural / or mental; and you know that…’”
“‘Thus, if the present world has gone astray, / in you is the cause, in you it’s to be sought; / and now I’ll serve as your true exegete.’”
Marco Lombardo
Within Dante the pilgrim’s dream of transport (Canto IX), the figure of ________ is evoked as a comparison to the pilgrim’s plight within his dream:
“I saw a solitary patriarch / near me—his aspect worthy of such reverence / that even son to father owes no more. / His beard was long and mixed with white, as were / the hairs upon his head… The rays of the four holy stars so framed / his face with light that in my sight he seemed / like one who is confronted by the sun.”
. In order to ascend into Purgatory proper in Canto IX, the pilgrim must walk up three steps. The respective colors of these three steps, in order, are: 1)____________; 2)____________; 3)____________. The steps appear symbolically to represent the Christian Sacrament of_______________.
White, Black (Dark Purple), Red.
“‘… for where I asserted this-- / that prayers could not mend their fault—I spoke / of prayers without passageways to God. / But in a quandary so deep, do not / conclude with me, but wait for word that she, / the light between your mind and truth, will speak—’”
Virgil The She is beatrice
In Canto IX, Dante in “reality” is carried up to the brink of Purgatory proper by whom?____________________.
St Lucy