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magnanimous (adjective)

mag-nan" -ms
noble; above revenge or resentment; foregiving of insults Ethiopians was magnanimous toward the Italians who killed millions of Ethiopians by bombing from air.
unilateral (adjective)

yoon-lat r- l
arbitrary; one sided; relating to only one side or part Since my families opposed me to marry my girl friend, I made a unilateral decision to marry her.
trivial (adjective)

triv'e- l
unimportant; silly

Music production is a trivial job when compared to the research to find the vaccination to HIV.
unanimity (noun)

yoon -nimi-te
complete agreement

We came to a unanimity after we found the exact of cause of the problems.
symmetrical (adjective)

balanced in physical size or form

Circle is perfectly symetrical along the diameter of the circle.
monopoly (noun)

m -nop -le
exclusive possession or control

Xcel energy has a monopoly on the power supply for the twin cities.
duplicity (noun)

deceitfulness; double-dealing

Adanech was a duplicity woman befor marrying Thomas because she seemed in love with both Dereje and Bekele simultaneously.
monarchy (noun)

mon r-ke
a state ruled by a king, queen, or emperor

Before the 1974 revolution of Ethiopia, Ethiopia was a monarchy.
magnitude (noun)

greatnss of size or importance

In the developing countries, starvation has a higher magnitude than the developed countries.
bilingual (adjective)

bi-ling gw l
having or speaking two languages

I can speak two languages; therefore, I am bilingual.
centigrade (adjective)

referring to a temperature scale bases on one hunderd degrees
Water boils at 100 degree centigrade.
metric (adjective, noun)

referring to a measurement system based on grams and meters (adjective)

In metric system, the unit of length is meter.
bipartisan (adjective)

bi-parti-z n
supported by members of two parties
Both Ethiopian Revolutionaries and Democracts supported the bipartisan measure.
integrity (noun)

honesty; good moral character
; wholeness; completeness

The governor Ventura has a good integrity because he did not cheat his people.
dilemma (noun)

problem; difficult choice between equally bad things

I am in the dilemma of leaving here at the U.S.A or going back to my home country.
disintegrate (verb)

to separate into small parts; to become worse; to go wrong;
After rain,the cloud disintegrated and the sky became clear.
decade (noun)

a ten-year period

Since I completed high school in 1991, a decade passed last 2001.
annals (noun)

an" lz
a written records of events;
general records

The persidant speeches are recorded in the annals of the Ethiopia presidants.
ambiguous (adjective)

am-bbig"yoo- s
not clear; having two or more meanings

The direction of the test was so ambiguous that every one us could not decide which way to follow.
ambivalance (noun)

am-biv" -lens
existence of mixed or conflicting feelings

When I decided to come to America, I had an ambivalent feelings of loosing my family and having a good opportunity in America.
decimate (verb)

des" -mat'
to destroy or kill a large part of

In my counrty Ethiopia, starvation decimate many people every year.
trilogy (noun)

tril' -je
a group of three books, plays, or stories

In a trilogy play, we can enjoy three different types of play.
perinnial (adjective)

p -ren"e- l
occurring again and again; constant; lasting for a long time
Starvation is a perinnial problem in Ethiopia because every year many peolple get died from starvation.
centennial (noun)

sen-ten"e- l
one-hundred-year anniversary; aperiod of one hunderd years
One-hunderd-years after thier marriage, Abraham and Sahar celebrated thier centennial with especial events last week.