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The shoulder is used for mobility necessary for ________, ________, _________, and ________.
Reaching, grasping, lifting, and throwing
What two bones make up the shoulder?
Clavicle and scapula
True or false: The 2 scapula are attached to the spine.
False: They are not attached to the spine. They move when the arm moves
Where is the only articulation for the shoulder joint?
Between the clavicle and the sternum
What are the 3 main parts of the sternum?
- Maunbrium (head)
- Body
- Xiphoid process
What is the name of the notch between the sternum and clavicle joint?
Suprasternal notch
Which ribs articulate with the sternum, and where are the rest of the ribs?
- Ribs 3-7 articulate with the sternum
- The next 3 meet into rib 7
- The last 2 are floating
Which bone is flat and shaped like an "S"?
The clavicle spans the distance between which two bones?
Sternum and scapula
What does the clavicle do for the arm?
Holds it at a distance to prevent it from interfering with rib movement
On the clavicle, which end is smooth, which end is rough, and why is there a difference?
The top is smooth, and the bottom is rough--because of the multiple muscle attachments.
Why is the medial end of the clavicle rounded?
For articulation with the sternum
What does the lateral end of the clavicle articulate with?
Acromioclavicle joint
T/F: The lateral end of the clavicle is flat.
What are the 2 important bony landmarks that serve as ligament attachments on the clavicle?
- Conoid tubercle
- Trapezoid line
Which bone is triangular-shaped?
What is the texture of the inside of the scapula?
Places on the scapula with a lot of movement are ________?
What are the three borders of the scapula?
- Vertebral (medial)
- Axillary (lateral)
- Superior
What are the three angles of the scapula?
- Inferior
- Superior
- Lateral
What is the coracoid process?
- An important landmark for muscle attachments
- Like a finger
- Anterior
Where is the spine of the scapula?
- Posterior
- Turns into the Acromion process
What is the glenoid fossa, and what are it's characteristics?
- Socket for humerus
- Shallow
- Easily injured
Where is the subscapular fossa?
- Anterior side
- Hollow section
Where is the supraspinous fossa?
- Posterior side
- Above spine
- "It holds soup!"
Where is the infraspinous fossa?
- Posterior side
- Below spine
What are the actions possible at the scapula?
- Elevation
- Depression
- Abduction
- Adduction
- Upward rotation
- Downward rotation
- Forward tilt
- Return from forward tilt
On which bone can the bicipital groove be found?
On the distal end of the humerus, what do the medial and lateral epicondyles articulate with?
The radius and ulna
What movement of the elbow does the capitulum allow for?
Flexion, extension, and rotation
What does the capitulum articulate with?
What does the trochlea of the humerus articulate with?
What movement does the trochlea allow at the elbow?
Flexion and extension
What is the "carrying angle"?
What places the forearm further away from the body due to the longer length of the medial trochlea
What kind of overuse injuries can occur due to the carrying angle?
Tennis elbow, nurse maid's elbow, etc.
What are 2 reasons the shoulder joint has a great capacity for movement?
- The joint isn't as deep as the acetabulum of the hip
- The free floating system of the scapula
What is the articulation of the shoulder joint?
Between the head of the humerus and the glenoid fossa
The sternoclavicular joint is a direct pathway from the _____ to the ______.
- arms
- trunk
The sternoclavicular joint is almost like a ______ and ______ joint.
ball and socket
The meniscus is to the knee as the __________ is to the shoulder.
Intra-articular disc