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1st u.s.-born classical ballet choreographer of world stature
jerome robbins
dance forms studied by robbins
music, ballet, modern, spanish, oriental, "interpretive"
who is the current director of nycb?
peter martins
name of robbins's "jazz ballet" and year
fancy free 1944
composer and year of robbins's "facsimile"
bernstein, 1946
year, main character, and star dancer of de Mille's 1948 Fall River Legend
1948, ax murderer Lizzie Borden, played by Nora Kaye
year ABT goes on hiatus, and who leaves
1948, Robbins and Tudor leave
year of ABT's resurgence
what was the first smash-hit ballet on an american topic?
de mille's rodea for ballet russe in 1942
prototype balanchine ballerina
mary ellen moylan
ballanchine's wife
maria tallchief
original director of the ballet russe de monte carlo
second director of the ballet rusee de monte carlo
de basil
director of a take-off ballet russe de monte carlo which competed with the first one
sergei denham
where balanchine trained
balanchine's other subject of study
1928 dance featuring flexed hands and feet, shuffle steps, parallel positions and torso contraction
apollo by balanchine
the 2 big balanchine ballets from the 1920's for diaghilev's ballet russe
apollo, prodigal son
brought balanchine to america
lincoln kerstein
name and founding year of balanchine's school
school of american ballet 1934
name and founding year of balanchine's company
nycb 1948
first american ballet
themes of balanchine's works
-abstract expressionsism
-literary themes
-revived tutu ballets
-leotard ballets
-american themes
-interesting music
first us season of abt
founder of abt
lucia chase
company that abt morphed out of
mastermind organizer in abt's early years, brought in fokine, nijinska, bolm, mordkin
richard pleasant
took over abt after lucia chase, company became very russian
sol hurok
greatest artist of the 40's, known for her giselle
alicia markova
british, musician, works about people, natural movement blended with ballet, neo-classicist
antony tudor
1942 tudor piece about a middle aged woman named hagar
pillar of fire
takes abt over from hurok 40's - 80's
oliver smith
founded in 1946 by balanchine and kirstein
ballet society
sculptor who did props for graham and balanchine
isamu noguchi
balanchine's first "reductive" work
four temperaments for ballet society
nycb started as part of this
morton baum's city center of music and drama
1953 "remake" done by robbins
afternoon of a faun, done in a ballet classroom
tudor's first 3 ballets for abt
jardin aux lilas
dark elegies
pillar of fire
co. started by robbins
ballet - usa
name robbins works
afternoon of a faun, west side story, ny export: opus jazz, gypsy, les noces, dances at a gathering, moves, fancy free, on the town, fiddler on the roof
who worked for the first dance dept. at julliard?
graham for modern, tudor for ballet, martha hill as director
tudor's last ballet
leaves are fading
broadway show that came from "fancy free"
on the town 1944
arthur lawrence, leonard bernstein, jerome robbins hit musical that started a new tradition
west side story
big broadway producer today
jerry mitchell
"genious on the wrong coast" LA based choreographer
lester horton
uses pelvic movements, swinging, native ritual steps, general purpose rather than a specific style
ailey school is based on whose tradition