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Step Touch
Step to the right, step to the left
Chasse(rock step)
Slide to the right, stepping right, left, right, and placing the left foot behind the right foot; rock backward and lift the right foot up then put it down, ending on right foot.
Scooting forward and backward on both feet without losing contact with the floor.
Step to right side on the right foot, step the left foot behind the right, step the right foot to side, touch the left in front of the right, repeat.
Heel Shuffles
Alternate touching the right and left heels forward.
Pivot Step
Touch left foot forward, keep the right foot in place, make a half turn; repeat to front
Step, step, rock; backward step, using an even rhythm
Weight is put on one foot, transferred to the ball of the opposite foot, and then traansferred back to the other foot; often counted 1 and 2 for the entire movement
Put weight forward on the right foot, then step backward on the left foot, alternating sides and directions.;
Step Kick
Step on right foot, kick the left foot across; alternate sides