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What evidence prove that dance was one of the first arts?
sculptures, carving, and statues
what where the four main types of religious dances?
Dances of Imitation
Medicine Dances
Commemorative Dances
Dances for Spiritual Connection
Dances of Imitation were imitation of what
what where medicine dance preformed for?
to restore the health and protect from danger and disease
Commemorative Dances were often performed to what?
To celebrate important events
Dances for Spiritual Connection was used to do what?
to establish a connection with gods or spirits
what was the years of the medieval dance call
the middle ages (400-1400 AD)
the Renaissance (1400-1700) was called
the rebirth period
Catherine De Medici was
queen of france, also known as the "mother of dance"
what did Catherine De Medici dance master do in 1581?
He produce Ballet de la Reine
Luis XIV was
King of France, known as the "Sun King" and built the great palace of Versailles
In 1661 Luis did what
established a training facility, called the "Academie Royale de la Danse" to attempt to professionalize ballet
Who was Pierre Beauchamps
He was Louis' ballet master and director of the Academie
what is pantomime
a system of hand gestures used instead of words
What was Jean Georges Noverre first concept
Balletic movement should be technically brilliant and should move the audience emotionally.
What was Noverre second concept
The plots of ballets should be unified in design, with understandable stories that are centered around the main theme.
What was Noverre third concept
The scenery, music, costumes, and the plot should all be unified
What was Noverre fourth and finale concept
Pantomime needed to be made simpler and more understandable
Who was Marie Camargo
a technician who longed for the freedom of movement allowed male dancers
Who was Marie Salle
was interested in more natural movement and created her own choreography
what happen during the romantic period
costumes were replaced with tulle and ballets were two acts
who was Marie Taglioni
In 1832 her father created La Sylphide for her
who is Fanny Essler
excelled in folk dancing
what did Jules Perrot choreographed
he choreographed Giselle
What happen in the The Classical Period
Ballet activity shift from France to Russia
what is a tutu and when was it invented
a short skirt, the classical period
who is Marius Petipa
a ballet master from 1858, choreographer the sleeping beauty, cinderella, the nutcracker and swan lake
what did Peter Tchaikovsky do
He composed music for sleeping beauty, the nutcracker, and swan lake
what did Lev Ivanov do
he co-choreograph swan lake and the nutcraker
what did Lev Ivanov do
he co-choreograph swan lake and the nutcraker
what arised in the mid 1900s
the contemporary ballet
who is George Balanchine
a russian choreographer that created the School American Ballet
what is the school american ballet called
the NYC Ballet Company
what is George Balanchine most loved ballet
Prodigal Son
who is Serge Diaghilev
He the director of the Ballet Russes
Serge Diaghilev did what
He gave Vaslav Nijinsky his first opportunity at choreographing
what did Michel Fokine do
he performed under Petipa and was Anna Pavlova 1st partner
what was Michel choreography known as
the modern ballet
who replaced Michel Fokine as Diaghilev's choreographer
Vaslav Nijinsky
what is Vaslav Nijinsky known for
he is known for choreography of The Rite of Spring and The Afternoon of a Faun
Who is Anna Pavlova
a principal dancer for Russia Imperial Ballet and the Ballet Russes