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What are the key factors for successful damage control
Organization and teamwork are considered the key factors for successful damage control operations.
Name the basic objectives for shipboard damage control.
Take measures to prevent damage, Minimize and localize damage as it occurs, Accomplish repairs as soon as possible, Restore equipment to operation, and Care for injured personnel
What person is normally responsible for requesting quotas to send a repair party to school for training?
Damage control assistant
What publication contains information (tailored to your ship) on damage controlsystems, ventilation systems, piping systems, electrical systems, and compartmentation?
Damage control books
What eight-volume series of books can help you familiarize yourself with your ship’s characteristics?
Ship Information book
What person is responsible for damage control?
Damage control is an all-hands
What officer is known as the damage control officer?
Engineer Officer
When logging fittings in the damage control closure log, you may log a fitting open for
what maximum amount of time?
24 hours
What assistant to the engineer officer assists the damage control assistant in providing damage control training for the ship’s company?
Fire marshal
What is the purpose of the Rescue and Assistance Bill?
The purpose of the Rescue and Assistance Bill is to organize qualified personnel to provide assistance outside the command.
What person is responsible for the Toxic Gas Bill?
Damage control assistant
What report is submitted after an equipment repair that was reported as a CASREP is completed?
What officer monitors the Heat Stress Program for compliance?
Safety officer
What the two elements of the damage control organization?
Administrative and Battle organizations
What are the three objectives of damage control?
(1) Maintain the established materialconditions of readiness; (2) train all personnel in all aspects of shipboard damage control;(3) maintain damage control systems and equipment in the best condition possible to ensure survivability.