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On a bottle of Champagne, what does NM, RM, and CM, mean?
NM: Négoiant-Manipulant One of the big houses/Négociatns
RM: Récoltant-Manipulant, A grower-producer
CM: Coopérative de Manipulation
Wine corks come from the bark of what type of tree?
The cork tree, Quercus Suber.
Member of the oak family.
List the reasons to decant wine:
Remove sediment, and/or deposits
Aerating the wine.
Dog and Pony show.
Name the aromatic and flavor characteristics of Albariño?
Lemon Citrus, Saline, Oyster Shell,
High Acidity, High Alcohol,
Is Albariño a white or Red(Black) grape?
Where is Albariño's home?
Rîas Baixas, Spain.
What is Albarino called in Portugal? How is it different from the Spanish example?
Alvarinho. It produces Vinho Verde which is a high alcohol (13%) wine, fleshy, high acidity, and slightly sparkling.
Does Albariño have think or thin skins? How does this help/hurt where it's grown?
Thick skinned. Helps withstand damp costal climate of Rias Basxis. Produces high alcohol, high acid, and high aromatics
Who has a similar latitude to Burgundy, WA, OR or CA?
Lyon, France: 45.75 degrees north
Portland, OR 45.50 degrees north
Name the Five Red Grape varieties of Bordeaux.
Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Malbec, Petite Verdot.
Main White Grapes of Bordeaux?
Major: Sauvignon Blanc, Sémillon. Minor: Muscadelle, Ugni Blanc
What is Bordeaux's most widely planted grape?
Merlot. Making up 40% of the total plantings. Majority blend of the 'Right Bank' wines, and almost exclusive planting in the Entre-duex-Mer,
In Bordeaux, which grape varietals respectively dominate Right Bank and Left Bank Blends?
Right Bank- Merlot and Cabernet Franc
Left Bank: Cabernet Sauvignon
Name the Five First Growths of Bordeaux?
Ch Lafitie-Rothschild
Ch Margaux
Ch Latour
Ch Haut-Brion
Ch Mouton-Rothschild
Name the region within Bordeaux that is most famous for Sweet Dessert Wines?
Sauternes. Making Sweet wine from botrytis affected Sémillon and Sauvignon Bland.
What wine-making technique is employed uniquely in Bordeaux to its white wines?
Primarily, Oak aging; giving the wines a smokey and spicy quality. To lesser degree, blending its Sauvignon Blanc with Sémillon.
Is a wine from Bordeaux, tradition a blend of grapes, or is it bottled varietally?
A blend of grapes.
Red: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Malbec, Petite Verdot
White/Sweets: Sauvignon Blanc, Sémillon
Name the Left bank regions/villages from north to south. (Or going up river for those nautically inclined.)
Upper Médoc
St- Estéphe
Central Médoc
Name the regions of Northern Rhone, North to South. (Or flowing down the river.)
Chateau Grillet (within Condrieu)
St. Joseph
Hermitage (within Crozes)
Coteaux du Tricastin
Who produces more wine, Northern or Sourthern Rhone
South! The North only produces 5% of Rhone wine by volume.
What is Chateauneuf-du-Pape, and how does it translate to English.
CdP is the most prestigious region in Southern Rhone, almost exclusively red, full bodied, high-alcohol, mostly Gernache. "Pope's New Castle."
Where is the Rhone Valley?
South East France. Running N-S along the Rhone River.
Name the leading varietals in Rioja, Spain.
Red: Tempranillo (Predominate), Garnacha, Mazuelo (Carignan), Graciano.
White: Viura, Malvasia, (just added, Sauv Blanc and Chard)(?!)
Name the three Sub Regions of Rioja.
Rioja Alta (Western, High quality)
Rioja Alavesa (Basque)
Rioja Baja (much hotter, sparsely planted)
What are the aging requirements for the different levels of Red Rioja?
Joven: young, no oak aging
Criaza 1y in oak 1y in btl
Reserva 1y in oak, 2y in btl
Gran Reserva 2y in Oak, 5y in btl
What is Spain's most famous wine region?
Rioja. Growing full bodied red wines, and oxidative whites. Heavy use of American oak.
Where does the sugar in Port come from?
Unfermented sugars. During the fermentation, High-alcohol grape spirit, is added to arrest the fermentation, leaving unfermentable sugar behind.
Where is Tokaji made?
Hungry. From botrytis affected Furmint grapes.
Where is sherry made and what are the principle grape used to make it?
Spain, around the city of Jerez. South west Spain on the coast.
Principle Grape: Palomino. With Pedro Ximéniz playing the supporting (and sweetening) role.
What is a late harvest wine?
The grapes are left on the vine to ripen beyond their normal harvest ripeness. Increasing their sugars, and perhaps desiccating the grape as well, further increasing sugars.
What country has the largest region planted to vines? (Including table grapes) (2003 Statistics)
Followed by France, Italy, Turkey, China, than the US. (Turkey?! who knew?)
What county produces the most wine, by volume? (2003 Numbers)
Followed by Italy, Spain, USA, Argentina, then China.
Where is it called Shiraz and where is called Syrah?
Shiraz in the southern Hemisphere, Syrah in the northern.
Where is the old-world home of Syrah?And/or where is it most famous?
Northern Rhone. Wonderful examples from Hermitage and Cote-Rotie.