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what is the name given to the point of land ussualy smaller than a peninsula extending into a body of water.
a cape
which lines measure distances east and west of the prime merrinian
lines of longitude or meridians
which is the only completely accurate representation of the earth a map or globe
globe-shows the correct shape size and distance
locate the golf of st.lawerence in eastern canada now write the deffinition of a gulf
a part of a sea or an ocean extending into the land ussually larger than a bay
lattitude is measured north and south of which imaginary line
what is a dessert
an area of land with little to no percipitation
is the tropic of capricorn north or south of the anartic circle
what are the 7 continents of the earth from largest to smallest
asia,africa,north america,south america,antartica,europe,austraillia