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choppy feels like
"a knife scraping bamboo"
Flows without a wave.
Opposite of slippery.
Felt within each position separately.
Slow, relaxed, stagnant, difficult, fine, small, short.
Rough, jagged, and short.
weak feels like
Deep, fine, like soft thread, relatively forceless.
Cannot be felt superficially.
No strength.
intermittent feels like
stops at REGULAR intervals which may be strikingly long.
knotted feels like
stops at IRREGULAR intervals.
slower pulse
floating feels like
"plank in water"
With finger raised it has surplus, when pressing down it is insufficient.
Felt clearly superficially, pushes down with resistance
Deep feels like
can only be felt at middle and deep, but especially at deep.
opposite of floating.
sunken under muscle, near bone.
empty feels like
Has no strength, disappears with light pressure.
Soft, but relatively big and distended superficially.
Full feels like
Hard, full, and long. Springy quality resistant to finger pressure.
Easily felt at all levels.
Tight feels like
Hard, like a rope being twisted.
Size and strength are greater than wiry.
Not as springy as wiry pulse.
Wiry feels like
If you push it down, it springs back up. Hits the finger with force superficially.
Taut strings of a musical instrument.
Slow feels like
pulse rate below 60 bpm
Rapid feels like
pulse rate above 90 bpm
slippery feels like
"string of pearls being pulled under a cloth"
soft wave, slips under finger and flows smoothly.