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Search these commandments
D&C 1:37-38
Revelation is great
D&C 8:2-3
Prayer conquers Satan
D&C 10:5
Eternal life through enduring
D&C 14:7
the worth of souls is great
D&C 18:10-16
Christ suffered so we could repent
D&C 19:16-19
a song of the righteous is a prayer
D&C 25:12
free agents don't wait
D&C 58:26-27
confess and forsake
D&C 58:42-43
Sunday is divine
D&C 59:9-10
forgive others
D&C 64:9-11
pay tithing or burn
D&C 64:23
Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon testifies
D&C 76:22-24
much is required of you
D&C 82:3
the lords is bound when you are righteous
D&C 82:10
priesthood oath
D&C 84:33-39
cease to sleep late
D&C 88:123-124
many blessing in store for the righteous
D&C 89:18-21
many are called but few are chosen
D&C 121:34-36
D&C 130:18-19
D&C 130:20-21
D&C 130:22-23
celestial marriage
D&C 131:1-4
dead gain heaven
D&C 137:7-10
the first vision
JSH 1:15-20