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dabble (v)
work at in a nonserious fashion; splash around
dais (n)
raised platform for guests of honor
dank (adj)
dapper (adj)
neat and trim
dappled (adj)
daub (v)
smear (as with paint)
daunt (v)
intimidate; frighten
dauntless (adj)
dawdle (v)
loiter; waste time
deadpan (adj)
wooden; impassive
debacle (n)
sudden downfall, complete disaster
debase (v)
reduce the quality or value; lower in esteem, degrade
debauch (v)
corrupt, seduce from virtue
debonair (adj)
friendly, aiming to please
debunk (v)
expose as false, exaggerated, worthless, etc.; ridicule
decadence (n)
decant (v)
pour off gently
decelerate (v)
slow down
deciduous (adj)
falling off, as of leaves
declivity (n)
downward slope
decollette (adj)
having a low-cut neckline
decorum (n)
propriety; orderliness and good taste in manners
decrepitude (n)
state of collapse caused by illness or old age
decry (v)
express strong disapproval of; disparage
default (n)
failure to act
defeatist (adj)
resigned to defeat; accepting defeat as a natural outcome
defection (n)
defer (v)
delay until later; exept temporarily

give in respectfully, submit
deference (n)
courteous regard for another's wish
defile (v)
pollute, profane
defoilate (v)
destroy leaves
defray (v)
provide for the payment of
defrock (v)
to strip a priest or minister of church authority
deft (adj)
neat, skillful
defunct (adj)
dead, no longer in use or existence
degenerate (v)
become worse; deteriorate
delineate (v)
portray, depict, sketch
delta (n)
flat plain of mud or sand between branches of a river
deluge (n, v)
flood; rush
demotic (adj)
pertaining to the people
demur (v, adj)
v.- object (because of doubts, scruples); hesitate

adj.-grave; serious, coy
denigrate (v)
denizen (n)
inhabitant or resident; regular visitor
denotation (n)
meaning; distinguishing by name
denouement (n)
outcome; final development of the plot of a play or other literary work
deplore (v)
depose (v)
dethrone; remove from office
deprecate (v)
express disapproval of; protest against, belittle
depredation (n)
derelict (adj)
abandoned, negligent
deride (v)
ridicule, make fun of
descry (v)
catch sight of
desecrate (v)
profane; violate the sanctity of
desolate (v)
rob of joy, lay waste to; forsake
desperado (n)
reckless outlaw
despoil (v)
despondent (adj)
depressed, gloomy
despot (n)
tyrant, harsh, authoritarian ruler
desultory (adj)
aimless, haphazard; digressing at random
detraction (n)
slandering, aspersions
devolve (v)
deputize; pass to others
diadem (n)
diaphanous (adj)
sheer; transparent
dictum (n)
authoritative and weighty statement; saying, maxim
didactic (adj)
teaching, instructional
die (n)
device for stamping or impressing; mold
dilapidated (adj)
ruined because of neglect
dilettante (n)
aimless follower of the arts; amateur; dabbler
diminution (n)
lessening; reduction in size
din (n)
continued loud noise
dinghy (n)
small boat
dingy (adj)
dull, not fresh, cheerless
dint (n)
means; efforts
diorama (n)
life-size, three-dimensional scene from nature or history
dire (adj)
dirge (n)
lament with music
disabuse (v)
correct a false impression; undeceive
disaffected (adj)
disavowal (n)
denial; disclaiming
disclaim (v)
disown, renounce claim to
discombobulated (adj)
confused; discomposed
discomfit (v)
put to rout; defeat; disconcert
disconcert (v)
confuse, upset, embarrass
disdain (v)
view with scorn or contempt
disembark (v)
go ashore; unload cargo from a ship
disenfranchise (v)
deprive of a civil right
disgorge (v)
surrender something; eject; vomit
dinsgenuous (adj)
not naive; sophistocated
disinter (v)
dig up; unearth
disparage (v)
disport (v)
disquietude (n)
uneasiness, anxiety
disquisition (n)
a formal systematic inquiry; an explanation of the results of a formal inquiry
dissemble (v)
disguise, pretend
dissident (adj)
dissenting, rebellious
dissimulate (v)
pretend; conceal by feigning
dissonance (n)
discord; opposite of harmony
dissuade (v)
persuade not to do, discourage
distend (v)
expand, swell out
distrait (adj)
divest (v)
strip, deprive
divine (v)
perceive intuitively; foresee the future
docket (n)
program as for trial; book where such entries are made
doddering (adj)
shaky, infirm from old age
doff (v)
take off
dogged (adj)
determined; stubborn
doggerel (n)
poor verse
doldrums (n)
blues, listless, slack period
dolorous (adj)
dolt (n)
stupid person
domicile (n)
don (v)
put on
dormer (n)
window projecting from roof
dorsal (adj)
relating to the back of an animal
dossier (n)
file of documents on a subject
dotage (n)
dote (v)
be excessively fond of, show signs of mental decline
dour (adj)
sullen, stubborn
douse (v)
plunge into water, drench, extinguish
dowdy (adj)
slovenly, untidy
downcast (adj)
disheartened, sad
drab (adj)
dull, lacking color, cheerless
draconian (adj)
extremely severe
dregs (n)
sediment, worthless residue
drivel (n)
nonsense, foolishness
droll (adj)
queer and amusing
drone (n)
idle person, male bee
drone (v)
talk dully, buzz or murmur like a bee
dross (n)
waste matter, worthless impurities
drudgery (n)
menial work
ductile (adj)
malleable, flexible, pliable
dulcet (adj)
sweet sounding
dyspeptic (adj) dyspepsia
suffering from indigestion
deputize (v)
appoint as a substitute; act as a substitute for