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May I - Smím
would it be -
bylo by to (?)
what about you -
a co ty (?)
what an age you are! -
to je doba!
what can I -
co mohu
what do tou call it
- jak nazývat
what do you wish
- co si přejete (?)
what for?
- proč?
what is happening -
co se děje
what is the time? -
kolik je hodin
what is this for
- na co je to
what is your name
- jak se jmenujete
what's the news -
co je nového (?
whatever is in your mind -
cokoli máš na mysli
which is a good thing
- což je dobré
while you are there
- když tam budete
whisky and soda
- whisky se sodou
will always be
- bude vždy
will be forgotten
- bude zapomenuto
will help you
- pomůže vám