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Main characteristics of cytokines
Pleiotropy - one cytokine can act on many different cells in many ways - IL4 can act on B cells but also mast cells
Redundancy - more then one cytokine responsible for same function - B cell proliferation - IL2, IL4, IL5
Synergy - cytokines can work together on same thing - IL4 and IL5 together induce class switching
Antagonism -
IL3, IL5 and GM CSF share what
All have beta chain
Mutation in gamma chain of IL2 lead to _
SCID - severe combined immunodefficiency
IFN alpha and beta are _ while IFN gamma _
IFN alpha and beta are antiviral while IFN gamma activates macrophages to stimulate intracellular killing and inhibits TH2 cell response
Describe clinical use of IFN
- IFN alpha - viruses
- IFN beta - MS
- IFN gamma - not used for treatments
Name pyrogenic cytokines
IL1, IL6, TNF alpha
TNF alpha is made by _
THF beta is made by _
TNF alpha is made by macrophages, T cells and fibroblasts
TNF beta is made by activated T cells and B cells
When TNF alpha binds what happens
Either undergo apoptosis or activate transcription for signaling cascade
Clinical use of TNF alpha inhibitors
Side effect
- RA
- Crohns
- Psoriasis

Side effect - increased susceptibility to disease
Both IL1 and IL6 do what
- Stimulate hematopoiesis
- Induce liver to make acute phase proteins
- IL6 drives Ab production and can help with class switch to IgG
- Pyrogenic
Clinical use of IL6 inhibitors
Treatment of RA
Describe IL2
Made by T cells - TH1 cells
- Stimulates growth and differentiation of T cells, B cells and NK cells
- Autocrine regulation
Clinical use of IL2 inhibitors
- Toward alpha chain of IL2
- Used to increase success of transplants
- USed to treat leukemias and melanomas
- Against HTLV1 that causes cancer by increasing IL2
IL4 and IL5
- Made by TH2 cells
- Essential for class switching
- IL4 promotes switch to IgE, IgG, differentiation of TH2 from TH0 and inhibits IFN gamma production
- IL5 promotes switch to IgA, also promotes eosinophil development and differentiation
Clinical use of IL4 inhibitors
Used to treat serious allergies