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What are the three types of leaders?
Democratic, Authoritarian and Laissez-faire.
What is a government?
A body or agency with the authority to direct and control the affairs of a country.
How many constituencies is Trinidad and Tobago split up to and by whom?
36 constituencies by the Elections and Boundaries commission.
Explain the first-past-the-post system.
The country is split into constituencies and the winners for each becomes apart of the house of Rep.
What is the senate and the house of rep. also known as?
Upper and Lower houses.
Name the different types of budgets.
Surplus, Deficit, Balanced and Austerity.
What is national budget?
Planning of the government as to sources of revenue and how this revenue will be spent.
What is parliament?
A body which makes laws governing the country.
First-past-the-post has the senate and house of representatives. What is this called?
Bi-cameral legislature
What type of representation does Guyana conduct?
Proportional representation.
Explain proportional representation.
The whole country is considered one constituency and the seats are assigened based on the percentage the party won of votes.
What kind of legislature do these countries have?
Uni-cameral legislature
What is monarchy?
rulership by one person in the public's interest.
What is tyranny?
rulership by one person in private interest.
What is aristocracy?
rulership by a group in public interest.