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what is mutualism?
an infection where microorganism and host benefit
If your Pt has a bacterial infection what are the two symptoms you'll always see?
Fever, increase WBC's
Name the normal places where is it's normal to find higher acidity in the body?
Vagina, Skin, Stomach, Urine
Define stress?
organism acted upon by forces that disrupt homeostasis;adaptive capacity of individual
What is differentiation of cells(anaplasia)?
pattern of cells compared to normal the more poorly differentiated it is the worse.
What is a carcinoma?
malignant tumor derived from epithelial tissue
What is a sarcoma?
a malignant tumor-mesenchymal; arising from connective tissue
Name the three methods of metastic spread?
blood,lymph,direct extension
Name the four types of immunotherapy for cancer?
interferons,monoclonal antibodies,adjunct to other therapies,hope for vaccines
Name for reasons for radiation therapy?
kills cells beyond primary site,unresectable,damage nuclear DNA(beneficial effect on rapidly dividing cells),destruction of normal cells
Cortisol is released when the body undergoes stress but what does it's release do?
95% of glucocorticoid activity,promotes gastric secreation,inhibits uptake of glucose by cells preserving it for neurons,stimulates gluconeogenesis in liver,catabolic in muscle,bone,lymhoid,skin,and adipose,suppresses formation of antibodies,suppress inflamatory response;good for tx;not bebeficial for wound healing and increases risk of infection.
what increases with strenuous excercise and fear and parallels rise in cortisol?
growth hormone
when will you see a drop in testosterone?
after physical and psychological stressful stimuli
What do endorphins do; when do they increase?
they raise pain threshold, produce sedation and euphoria.
increase with excercise,drama,anticipation,etc.
What is incapable of replication outside of living cell?