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Why may CVAs cause seizures?
CVAs cause seizures due to SCARRING.
CVA's in which hemisphere are more commonly associated with depression?
CVA's in the RIGHT hemisphere are more commonly associated with depression.
Why may pts. show worsening deficits or decreased consciousness in the days following a CVA?
Due to cerebral EDEMA (or occasionally from extension of the infarct.
Name one important impact severe cerebral edema may have upon the brain.
It may cause a SHIFT IN INTRACRANIAL STRUCTURES; this can be fatal.
What is Locked-in syndrome?
This can follow from CVA's in particular areas, leading a person to be quadriplegic and mute. Has control of eye movements, normal cognition.
A CVA in what region is most commonly associated with Locked-in syndrome?
The inferior portion of the pons or medulla.
What are anastomes?
Anastomes are connections b/w different cerebral areas on the cortical surface.
What is the main signficance of anastomes?
Anastomes allow perfusion b/w arterial systems, limiting the extent of cortical damage in stroke.
What are watershed areas, and what is there relevance with respect to CVA's?
Watershed areas are zones that connect arteries; they are vulnerable to reduced blood flow because they are the most distal portions of the blood supply.