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study of the body and how to make it more efficient in society
Palestinian military group
Where is Pakistan?
next to India
What's happening in Pakistan?
Terrorist activity
Why are Detroit civilians on patrol?
Because of Devil's Night
Terry Lynn Land
Attorney General of Michigan
Aymen Al Zawahi
2nd most wanted man from Al Queda
Hosni Mubarak
President of Egypt
Privacy Law
Cannot give out information on patients
Kennewick man
Prehistoric skeleton found
Ron Gettelfinger
Head of UAW
Yasser Arafat
Head of PLO
Proposal 2
traditional marriage
2 major religions of the Arab World
An event in Clarkston in last few weeks
Haunted Houses - Arbyess
Location of Egypt
North Africa
Scott Peterson
Murdered his wife and unborn child
Boston REd Sox
World Series team from the American League
St. Louis Cardinals
World Series team from the National League
Birch Run High School
floor plan found in Iraq
Colin Powell
Secretary of Defense
Jennifer Granholm
Governor of Michigan
Lock - out
NHL not playing
European Union
Turkey wants to join
World Series
Baseball championship
Daylight Savings Time
Occurs last weekend of October. Put clocks back 1 hour
Palestinian Liberation Organization
Yassir Arafat
Head of PLO
Title IX
Equal treatment of girls
John Cherry
Lieutenant Governor of Michigan
Dan Mulhern
Jennifer Granholm's husband
Someone from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan
South Korea
Nuclear Bomb testing (secret)
Nickname for people who live in the lower peninsula of Michigan