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What country recently shipped scud missiles to Yemen?
North Korea
What Supreme Court Justice has a daughter who is an Inspector General at the Health and Human Services?
Willam Hubbs Rehnquist
What U.S Senator has recently been rebuked for making racially divisive remarks?
Senator Trent Loft
Where will General Tommy Franks conduct "internal look", a war game to test U.S command and control infrastructure?
Who is the elementary school teacher from Idaho who will be a member of the crew on a mission to the international space station?
Barbara Morgan
What country has recently decided to reactivate a nuclear plant that may be capable of producing nuclear weapons?
North Korea
What former U.S President recently won the Nobel Peace prize?
Jimmy Carter
Who was the Chairman of the commission intended to investigate September 11th that abruptly resigned?
Henery Kissinger
Hugo Chavez is the President of what South American country?
What is the name of the Archbishop of Boston who recently resigned?
Cardinal Bernard Shaw
Which airline recently filed for bankruptcy?
Who was nominated by President Bush to be the next Treasury Secretary?
John Snow
Tom Ridge is the former Governor of what state?
The Supreme Court will be hearing an affirmative action case from what state?
Mary Landrieu won a runoff election for the U.S Senate in what state?